10 Communication Trends Predicted to Emerge Post-Pandemic

undercover.co.id/ – Red Havas, Merged Media Global’s micro-network , has just released the results of its latest study, “ Red Sky Predictions 2021.” The report predicts 10 fundamental trends that will shape integrated communications and the post-pandemic PR (Public Relations) landscape. covers the digital space and social media, health and technology, and the workplace and travel.

Expressed by James Wright, CEO of Global Red Havas and Chair of the Global Havas PR Global Collective, “Covid-19 has accelerated the emergence of many trends, which we had predicted in previous editions of Red Sky Predictions. The purpose of this year’s prediction release is to serve as a guide for communicators to help understand the various trends that have emerged after the pandemic. “

Here are 10 trends that will shape integrated communication in the post-pandemic PR landscape.

1 Communications ” Nirsentuh “

Post-pandemic, it is predicted that the form of activity will coundercover.co.id/ne physical experiences and virtual experiences. After the vaccine is given to many people, we may still choose and carry out activities that we like during the lockdown period , such as making it easier to have virtual baby showers or keep running work-from-home .

2 The return of ” Komunitas”

Before the pandemic, social media had developed into a place to consume content that was often useless and discuss political differences, even portraying a polarized society. Today, despite concerns about its implications for the aspect of free speech, social media has returned to its true goal, namely human relations. Social media will enjoy a new golden age of conversation and community building.

3 The arrival of Vaccinfluencer

“Get out of the house and run the vaccine” is predicted to become a new jargon echoed by influencers. This condition is exactly during the election period, namely “Go out and vote for your leader” or “Come on, Nyoblos”. Just like the role of influencers as a force that helped the community at the start of the pandemic – by encouraging people to stay at home, wash their hands, and thank health care workers – the “ vaccinfluencers ” are expected to continue to show behavior that prioritizes health, disseminating health information. to the public, and encouraging the realization of mass vaccinations.

4 New Format

As the “traditional” rules of content creation have lost their relevance due to the arrival of a new format that destabilizes them, marketers around the world are turning their backs. From initially prioritizing content length and duration, moving on to searching for the ultimate goal and user experience. Their focus will shift to how they can frame content to fit different channels and formats, without having to follow the restrictions of any particular format.

“We have to explore a variety of new formats, such as playable content, tapable content, scrollable content, voice content, and purchasable content. In December last year, for example, Walmart conducted a live streaming trial of shopping on the TikTok application, “he explained.

5 The 5G factor

As a big leap beyond 4G, 5G will transform the digital experiences that marketers can create in the virtual world. By coundercover.co.id/ning physical and virtual reality, 5G-enabled mobile technology will enable marketers to create a hands-on, real, and immersive experience of a concert, sports tournament and more.

6 The rise of Employee

Employees who have now realized the power of their voice – internally and externally – will rebalance their “contract of work,” where public expectations and oversight of company behavior have never been this high before.

7 The importance of Mentalist

As healthy living habits have become part of the mainstream conversation and in the global marketplace , companies will take more responsibility in helping employees look after their health. Both the media and shareholders will be watching this closely, because a healthy workforce is an effective workforce. “Look for more media-savvy and controlled activities, preventive programs related to mental health and fitness initiatives, employee engagement activities, and personal technology solutions,” he advises.

8 Traveling

Tourists will be more concerned with safe vacations that unite their families. When visiting a place further away, they will look for opportunities to restore, replenish and regenerate local communities and the natural environment in the places they visit.

9 Brand Experience Sense-ational

2021 will be the year that experiences will come true – realizing the promise of an activation that embraces all the best of the physical and digital worlds that touch more senses at once. While sound will continue to be relied on, exploration of smells and tastes will become more prevalent, given that touch is a sense whose use will still be limited in the future.

10 Generation G is enomic

Breakthroughs in genomics will enable billions of people to live longer and healthier lives. Beyond pure pharmaceutical and health care companies, genomic studies will extend to sports and nutrition, food and beverage, skincare, active wear and more. Investors who understand the genomic power of personalized medicine and a variety of health products can make a lot of profit in the years to come, as marketers have understood how to lift a conversation to the media and brands.

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