4 Reasons Marketers Should Engage Influencers In PR Strategies

undercover.co.id/.com – There are many options for marketers to reach more number of customers. There are mass media, public relations, social media, promotions by celebrities, and many others. However, public relations approach is now developing thanks to social media where brand involving the popular users of social media who have many followers.

Social media users with many followers called is also called as influencers. Here are four reasons why marketers need to engage influencers in its PR strategy.

Influencer works well with marketing tools. If our brand has already had an account of all digital media platforms – blogs, marketplace, and social media – the existence of influencer is complementary marketing tool that we can use. ‘The touch’ of influencer creates a marketing tool that we use comes alive and makes the brand more human in the eyes of the social media users, that indeed is the target market of the brand. Invite the influencers to work together and make them spreading the website links to attract more traffic.

Working with influencers no different from the PR firm. Developing a relationship with social media stars is same as working with PR firms. Therefore, while working with them, the brand needs to give direction as to what image you want to display and what it will take to follow up on the response of potential buyers and customers.

Following the trend of the market. If the market brand is targeting teenagers and young adults, there is no other right time for the brand showing its presence in social media, and it should be now. In fact, that generation spends more time with social media than TV. Influencers are not always those who work as a celebrity. Regular social media users with many followers are potential to be influencers. Therefore, the brand should establish a good relationship with its audiences. Who knows in the future, they can become influencers for the brand.

Influencer has proven their expertise. Influencers have proven their expertise and showed results of a real work. For example, Michelle Phan, an enthusiast in makeup world, is able to attract the number of subscribers in her YouTube channel to 7.6 million users. Moreover, Phan developed cooperation with Lancome and L’Oreal through his personal blog. So, before asking influencers collaboration, the brand should find out the track records and metrics that can describe the expertise and the results of their work.

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Working with influencers involves skills like working with PR and social media management. Bringing influencing people to the middle of the market could be an efficient and effective marketing and PR strategy when executed properly.

4 Reasons Marketers Should Engage Influencers In PR Strategies So, have your brand been using influencer?

Burberry, the First Fashion Brand Presenting at Apple Music

Classic Icon of British fashion brand Burberry plans to enliven the music world in the Apple Music. Fashion and music? Why not. Burberry becomes the first fashion brand to be present in the Apple Music joining other brands such as Rolling Stone, NME and Vice.

4 Reasons Marketers Should Engage Influencers In PR Strategies – foto by bruberry

Burberry channels is not a live station such Beats1. This channel will feature songs, recording performances and films in which Burberry co-created with the British artists.

Burberry itself has collaborated with several musicians at Burberry Acoustic platform that highlighted British musicians such as Tom Odell, James Bay and Keane. For Apple Music channel, it more less will display the contents that can be accessed at the website Burberry. But not only that, the channel of Burberry in Apple Music will feature a series of exclusive videos.

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Such co-branding is not new one. A brand can possibly cooperate with other brands outside its industry as long as each other share the same values. As recently published by the Magnum brand, which is known as a premium ice cream brand, it goes naturally if it takes the opportunity to cooperate with the top class designers.

Indeed, it is unusual sounds for fashion brand to have its own music channel. However, Apple and Burberry cooperation is far from unusual. Apple has opened the way for the fashion industry as part of the marketing strategy of Apple Watch by collaborating with Nike. Previously, Apple also recruited former CEO of Burberry, Angela Ardhents to the position of Chief Retail.



Magnum ‘Infuses’ ice cream With Fashion

Magnum is probably the one and only brand of food products that dare to mix and matches ice cream with fashion in its campaign products. Maybe in your mind, you will be wondering, what the outcome would be like?

Magnum Of Wall’s has successfully ‘hypnotized’ consumers with advertisements that promote the concept of luxury and elegant world. Through almost two-minute duration, the ad that aired on YouTube, Magnum released a teaser titled ‘Magnum White Collection’ which showcased the beauty products from five renowned designers in Indonesia.

The teaser is featuring the designers, who collaborate with the campaign ‘Magnum White Collection’, are designing their charming designs products with accuracy and precision in every process.

The five designers involved in the campaign include Tex Saverio, Rinaldi A. Yunardi, Sapto Djojokartiko, Priyo Oktaviano, and Sebastian Red.


During this campaign, Magnum has always managed to attract public attention because of its interactive and persuasive appearance. This time, Magnum also invites the public to get involved and learn more about the brand. Through this teaser, Magnum invites consumers to buy product of Magnum White Almond, and you will get the advantage. There will be a unique code engraved on each sticks with points that can be exchanged for exclusive works of the designers.

If the points are sufficient in accordance with the terms of each of the exclusive works, points can be redeemed for prizes such as a sweatshirt, sunglasses, scarf, clutch, and dress. Interesting, right?

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