undercover.co.id – 50 IDEAS FOR BRAND ACTIVATION THAT SELL, Gamification , Gamification makes brand activation an interesting activity. Because of its fun nature, this activation tends to be easy to engage with audiences. Especially if this gamification is made with a competitive system or some kind of competition. Here, consumers are given certain challenges to compete for prizes. However, to get the prize, they must first compete with other participants.

The form of gamification can vary. It can be in the form of collecting points or solving a puzzle. The platform also varies. It can be through a mobile app owned by the brand or a physical platform such as an offline event.

Today, digital technology allows gamification to be done in many forms and in many ways. With just a smartphone, gamification can be done in a very interesting way. MyPertamina, for example, is keen to gamify through an app with a point system. The prize is not limited to getting vouchers, but consumers can get free tickets to the 2023 Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia at the Pertamina Mandalika Circuit.

Video Mapping

Technology provides many new opportunities for brand activation. One of them that is currently trending is video mapping. In general, video mapping is understood as a new technique of presenting visual content by changing the interior or exterior surface of an object. The object can be a building, a rock, or any other structure.

The latter technique is often used by the management of the National Monument (Monas) to present lighting attractions through projectors at certain times with special themes. This activation is quite interesting, entertaining, and provides a new experience for the audience. Of course, this technology has the potential to boost many things, such as engagement while adding to the attractiveness of an attraction or tourist destination.

Marketeers tried it when holding a Marketeers Hangout at Ciputra Artpreneur, Jakarta, last September. Collaborating with Duality Studio, a company engaged in animation and motion graphics, presents stunning visual content combined with storylines. This theatrical-style conference brought the outside world, such as the wilderness, to the theatre stage. This activation received very positive appreciation from the audience.

Musical Content

Musical performances are common for brands to do when they do brand activation. Nowadays, many music concerts are held and many brands are present there. Indeed, music is the easiest way for brands to gather people and build awareness there.

Since this is common, brands are challenged to be more creative in processing this music content. One way is by combining music with other content, such as talk shows, seminars, or business conferences. If usually the music content and seminar content are not connected, now you can try to unite them in one storyline.

combined a marketing conference with music. Some of the conference speakers presented their presentations while playing the piano and electric guitar. The speaker’s presentation became very interesting, not only did the audience get enlightening content, but also entertainment as well as a new experience in enjoying the seminar.



Brand activation tied to trends and viral events in society can be a very effective strategy to increase consumer awareness and engagement. When brands can follow or even create popular trends, they have the opportunity to speak directly to the audience that is discussing the topic. In fact, they can even hijack a trend. This is popularly called trendjacking.

Through creativity and speed in responding to these trends, brands can build stronger relationships with consumers. When brands participate in trending conversations, they can capture the attention of people who may not have connected with the brand before.

McD Indonesia once did this by releasing a BTS Meal in 2021. At that time, this K-Pop group was being loved and rising. Capitalising on the momentum, McD released a BTS Meal that was sought after by ARMYs, as BTS fans are known.

Thematic Party

Activations tied to specific or thematic themes are a powerful way to build brand awareness and consumer engagement in a relevant context. When brands identify and embrace themes or values that are important to their audience, they create a deeper emotional connection.

For example, if a brand adopts the theme of sustainability and participates in green initiatives, they not only build a positive image, but also gain support from consumers who care about the issue.

Theme-based activations also allow brands to more effectively communicate their story to consumers. When brands have a strong story associated with a particular theme, consumers are more likely to engage and feel connected. This can strengthen consumer loyalty and help brands differentiate themselves from competitors. This becomes a powerful tool in building a strong brand image and increasing positive interactions with the audience.

Participatory Festival

Open the space for audience participation as wide as possible. This is the key to an activation. Not only is it for engagement, but it also fosters a sense of belonging. Arguably, this is a smart approach to building a strong relationship with the audience. Festivals that allow the audience to actively participate will create a lasting impression. In essence, make the audience an active subject.

One of the great benefits of audience participatory festivals is the high potential for virality. When consumers are engaged in the festival, they tend to share their experience through social media and talk about the brands involved in the event.

This creates a strong buzz and increases brand awareness. Brand activation in audience participatory festivals also allows brands to design activities that allow audiences to feel part of the brand community, which can increase consumer loyalty.

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    Unusual Vending Machine

    In today’s digital age, vending machines are no longer just a place to buy drinks or snacks. If you visit the nearest mall, airport or train station, you will find vending machines that offer unique products that you might never have expected. From books, skincare, makeup, plants, to art supplies. This concept is called Unusual Vending Machine.

    These machines are increasingly diverse in their contents and benefits. For example, local cosmetic and skincare brands Somethinc and SASC have opened vending machines in several malls. Even gold has been included in this magical machine. An example is the 24K UBS Gold Precious Metal vending machine at MRT stations.

    Unusual Vending Machine is an innovative strategy in brand activation. The concept is designed to surprise consumers by offering an out of the box product or experience. Not only does it surprise users, this kind of vending machine also provides a number of benefits for brands, such as awareness to engagement.

    Flash Mob

    Have you ever witnessed a group that appears in a crowd, then dances suddenly with choreography in unison? The phenomenon is known as a flash mob and is now an interesting strategy for brand activation. This approach is capable of capturing the public’s attention in a short period of time. One brand that uses this approach is Coca Cola. Through its “Bring Your Spirit to Life” campaign, the brand has conducted flash mobs at various universities.

    For brands that want to create a lasting impression and grab the public spotlight, flash mobs are an effective option. However, it requires careful preparation and stunning execution to achieve the goal. It is also important to convey the brand message in a memorable way to maintain the essence of the flash mob.

    To provide a more immersive experience, interaction with the audience can be enhanced. Inviting them to participate or giving them a chance to interact with the product after the performance can be a memorable moment.

    Immersive Multimedia

    Brand activation utilising immersive multimedia has become a highly effective approach in creating immersive experiences for consumers. Through the use of technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 360-degree video, brands can present their message in a mesmerising format. This gives consumers the opportunity to engage in brand activation through a more interactive and immersive experience.

    One of the key benefits of immersive multimedia is its ability to create high engagement. Consumers feel like they are actually interacting with the brand, rather than just being a spectator. Immersive multimedia also allows brands to combine elements of powerful narrative, stunning visuals, and mesmerising audio to create an experience that is hard to forget.

    In addition, immersive multimedia also allows brands to express their identity more deeply. V2 Indonesia, an audio visual company, often exhibits

    Networking & Gamification Platform

    The greater the audience participation in an event, the stronger the engagement. One way to do this is by providing a networking platform. Remember that audiences who attend an event, seminar, or business conference, they not only want to get content and ideas from the speakers, but they also want to expand their network.

    Therefore, when holding an activation, brands can facilitate the audience to get to know each other, exchange phone contacts, and so on. They are looking for new networks because they want to collaborate, acquire new customers, and so on. The platform can be in the form of a game. Of course, this game will be very interesting for the audience to participate in, especially if attractive prizes are provided.

    The game should be fun, and it does not have to be expensive and complicated. Today’s smart phone technology provides a variety of applications and software for this gamification. In Marketeers Hangout 2023 held last September, Marketeers used a gamification platform to engage with participants. The game is quite simple, namely arranging Hangout letters whose QRCodes are scattered at several points. It was fun and there were many participants.

    Pop-up Store

    Pop-up stores have become a new trend in retail, providing a unique new experience in the way brands interact with their customers. It’s no wonder this trend is gaining popularity as one of the brand activation strategies for brands, including Kate Spade. The brand once opened a pop-up store in one of Jakarta’s malls to celebrate its Spring 2023 collection.

    The presence of a pop-up store gives consumers a sense of surprise and offers something different from the traditional shopping experience. This is because brands can be creative with store settings, offer different products or services than usual, and even present interesting activations. Plus, these pop-up stores have limited time. So, consumers feel the need to visit the store immediately. This sense of urgency not only increases foot traffic but also increases exposure and brand awareness.

    Flexibility in choosing the location is also an advantage of pop-up stores. Brands can intelligently choose locations based on their target demographics.

    Exclusive and Limited Events

    Another unique way to do brand activation is with events that seem exclusive or limited. Whether it’s a product launch, workshop, or other event that can only be attended by certain people or takes place in a short time. This kind of event can be a magnet for the attention of the target market, even potentially increasing customer loyalty.

    Nowadays, information can be easily obtained. So, providing something exclusive or limited can be a breath of fresh air for consumers. It signifies that only a few people will have the opportunity to get it, so those lucky enough to attend will feel special and valuable.

    An example of a brand that takes this approach is Allo Bank, which held a concert by inviting several popular artists in the country and abroad, including Korean boy group NCT Dream with very affordable ticket prices. However, only Allo Bank app users who have signed up to one of its features, Allo Prime, can purchase the tickets.

    Uncommon Venue

    Uncommon venues often leave a lasting impression on some people. Imagine coming to an event in a mysterious cave, by the beach, or in an old factory. With its unique characteristics, the venue can give a very different feel, and create a multisensory experience for the visitors.

    This can be utilised by brands for brand activation. This method was also used by Netflix in promoting the live action series One Piece by presenting the Going Merry ship in PIK, Jakarta. Marketeers through the Tech for Business seminar event also held an event in an unusual place, namely at the CGV cinema.

    Uncommon venue can be a unique concept for brands to communicate with their target audience. This method can increase brand awareness, and even build strong emotional bonds, because consumers will associate the brand with the unique experience they have. Behind the uniqueness of each venue, it is important to pay attention to the harmony between the brand message and the setting, logistics, safety, and comfort of each visitor.

    Free Sample

    The best way to convince consumers is to let them try the product first. They can feel, touch, or even taste the product that caught their attention. This is the essence of free samples. This strategy not only increases brand awareness, but also gives consumers the opportunity to try before they buy, while building a positive relationship with the brand.

    In addition, free samples have the potential to expand the market. There are many consumers who may have never heard of a particular product or are hesitant to try it. With a free sample, they get the opportunity to be introduced to the product and this will expand the reach and brand awareness.

    This method is popular among skincare and cosmetic brands. Some brands that take this approach are Innisfree and Somethinc who often give free samples of their new products to mall or festival goers.

    Storytelling Packaging

    In this modern era, packaging is no longer just a place to store products. Through a storytelling approach, packaging has the potential to tell a compelling story about the product, represent brand values, or even describe the brand’s mission. Not only will it add visual beauty, this approach has the ability to build and strengthen emotional connections with consumers.

    Known as “storytelling packaging”, packaging equipped with a narrative is one of the brand activation strategies that is considered innovative. Brands have the opportunity to communicate directly with their consumers, conveying messages or stories through product packaging.

    An example of a brand that uses this method is Oatly with its attractive packaging. Instead of writing serious sentences in the composition and product information section, this brand writes “The Boring Side (but very important)”. The font used is also interesting, making it fun to read.

    Giveaway & Promotion

    Giveaways and promotions are examples of ways to do brand activation. In the context of marketing, these gifts are usually in the form of promotional products with the aim of increasing awareness to ultimately drive sales and gain loyal users. For people who don’t understand, this method may be seen as burning money.

    However, for a true marketer, giveaways are the same as online advertising which tends to cost less than direct advertising. To start a giveaway, marketers usually apply specific criteria such as having been a product user for several years or having to recommend the product to their colleagues. After that, proceed with registration.

    In this stage, marketers are required to keep a database of participants who have registered with the aim of being able to offer products as needed in the future. After these two processes have been carried out, the next step is to draw the prizes that have been provided. Don’t forget, during the announcement stage, flood the social media homepage so that the information becomes viral.

    Interactive Workshop

    Interactive workshops are one of the most popular activation methods. It is a great way to expand business relationships as well as gain knowledge and experience. For marketers who want to organise this activity, the first step to take is to build two-way communication with the audience.

    In these activities, participants receive material in the form of theory and practice. For the duration of time, it can be done for days depending on the needs of the material to be delivered. In order for the learning process to be effective, limit the participants who take part in the interactive workshop.

    In this activity, the problems discussed are problems that arise and come from the participants. Then, the problem-solving method uses deliberation so that each participant takes part in the solution. Participants are strongly encouraged to play an active role and participate in problem solving.

    Exclusive Access to VIP

    Not everyone can get access to important people (VIP) both in government circles, and entrepreneurs. For a marketer, this can be utilised as a brand activation. The reason is, the demand for getting access to VIPs is very large because it can increase business relations or just gain knowledge.

    In brand activation activities, executive access to VIP is usually sold on a limited basis at the most expensive price. Usually, this access is sold to loyal customers who have been using the product for years. In addition, this method can add value to the brand activation activities carried out.

    To make the brand activation more interesting, try to choose VIP guests who have charm or influential people. It would be even better if they have a large following on social media so that engagement occurs not only in the real world, but also in the virtual world.

    Behind the Scene Content

    Showing things that are behind the scenes is an interesting alternative in brand activation. People often want to know the background or setting of a show. For example, a film. Besides being interested in the film, people are also interested in the behind the scenes of the film. If packaged creatively, this will be an interesting and powerful content. Understandably, people tend to want to know “kitchen secrets”.

    Putting the important behind-the-scenes parts of the brand activation production process at the beginning of the story can grab the audience’s attention. The excitement during the production process can illustrate the excitement of the event that will take place. In the film world, this is usually known as a teaser.

    To further strengthen the story behind the scenes, it is better to include certain testimonials that will inspire people to come to the brand activation created. Strengthen it with interesting designs and a strong story script. Finally, end with an invitation for people to take action.

    Company Visit Package

    Company visit is simply a visit made to a business unit. The aim is to introduce the company more closely to visitors. The company has the opportunity to impress the visitor with how the company operates and what values the company holds. It is even a simple way to showcase the beauty and comfort of the office.

    The introduction of values, the way the company works, the way the company handles clients, can be demonstrated with this method. The company can show how business processes are carried out on a daily basis. Company visit is also a way to introduce the company’s vision and mission to customers directly.

    Research shows that Gen Z has more affiliation with brands that uphold the same values as they do. One of them is Telkom Indonesia. Through this method, the company won a number of awards such as Best Workplaces in Asia 2022. In addition to helping the company win awards, this method helps package a positive image in front of the public, and has the potential to turn consumers into evangelists.

    Meet The CEO/Founder

    Meeting the CEO or founder of a company in person is an opportunity that is arguably not to be missed. A company’s CEO or Founder is a strong brand ambassador, and meeting them in person can be a pivotal moment in a company’s relationship with customers. Strengthening relationships is key to business sustainability.

    Meet The CEO is a unique opportunity for companies to open a window into their operations and work culture. It is a valuable experience that allows participants to take a closer look at what makes the company and its brand so special. When customers, business partners, and stakeholders meet the CEO of the company in person, they have the opportunity to understand the values, vision, and mission that underpin the brand. This helps in building strong and sustainable brand awareness.

    One such event was conducted by OpenAI in June 2023. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman travelled to several countries, one of which was Indonesia. This visit was not only to introduce the company further, but also to discuss the future of AI.

    Pay With a Photo

    Pay with a Photo is a unique concept that changes the way consumers interact with brands. The basic idea is that customers can pay for products or services by uploading or sharing photos with the brand. This payment method combines image recognition technology with user creativity to create a memorable experience.

    When customers are asked to share photos associated with the brand, it provides an opportunity for the brand to build deeper awareness. Customers are actively involved in promoting the brand, which can create a strong impression. Uploading brand-related photos can be an emotional experience. Customers feel connected to the brand in this experience and can ultimately deepen their relationship with the brand.

    An example of this is what Google Photos does. Google provides food trucks that can be purchased by showing photos that match the given search keywords. If it is appropriate, consumers can get free food just by showing the photo.

    Virtual Reality Tour

    Virtual Reality (VR) technology has opened new horizons in the world of marketing. One concept that brands can explore in conducting brand activation with VR technology is the VR Tour. More than just watching adverts on television or flipping through pages of brochures, VR Tour allows consumers to dive into the brand’s world.

    VR Tour offers a more immersive experience for brand activation. When consumers feel as if they are “in” a particular location or interacting with a product in a particular setting, their emotional engagement with the brand increases. Not only are they present, transactions can also take place.

    Moreover, the personalisation offered by VR ensures that each consumer gets a unique experience, tailored to their choices and interactions during the tour. Last but not least, this approach is more cost-efficient. Without the need to organise a physical event, brands can provide a similar experience for their consumers.

    Encounter with Robot

    In the current era of technology, brands are showing off their innovations, one of which is the use of robots. The presence of these machines that are able to communicate is widely utilised in various business processes, including brand activation.

    They come in various forms, be it humanoid robots that resemble human shapes, adorable frugal shapes, or simply robots with automation capabilities.

    As brand activation material, the use of robots can be embedded in many sectors, ranging from strengthening services, being presented to enliven product launches, to becoming the frontline in serving consumers.
    This was done by Auto2000 dealers through Human Assist Technology in the form of service robots or Robot Baristas showcased by FamilyMart and Otten Coffee.

    Through the various forms and functions presented, generally the presence of these robots is intended to amaze consumers or audiences so that they can form brand associations as sophisticated brands.

    Fun Test Drive

    Customer experience-based brand activation is considered powerful in achieving various goals. One of the most common experience-based brand activations conducted by automotive manufacturers is the fun test drive.

    Almost all automotive brands, whether two-wheeled, four-wheeled, passenger car or commercial car deploy this activation to consumers or media crews. The objectives vary, ranging from establishing closeness, showing the inner beauty of the product, providing stimulus for sales success, to providing direct experience as news material for media crews and content creators.

    This was done by PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia (EMI), which oversees the Mazda brand in Indonesia. The company packaged a fun test drive programme for its latest product, the All New Mazda CX-60.

    In this brand activation, the company showcases the luxury side of design and technological sophistication, including engine performance that can be felt directly by the media crew on the Jakarta-Semarang trip entitled The Perfect Jinba-Ittai Journey: All New Mazda CX-60 Goes to Central Java.

    Battle Brand Community

    A Battle Brand Community is a group of customers, fans, or business partners who engage in healthy, ongoing competition coordinated by a brand. Typically, participants are invited to participate in challenges, contests, or competitions related to the brand’s products or services. The goal is to create deeper brand awareness, build stronger relationships, and increase customer engagement.

    Competition in these communities also provides entertainment and added value to customers. They are not only buying a product or service, but also having a unique experience. Competition within the Battle Brand Community generates a variety of content that can be used in marketing strategies. This includes brand-related photos, videos, stories, and reviews.

    One of them is what Prodia did. The brand held an activation by collaborating with the automotive community. The event was held in the form of games between communities and a fun talk show with doctors discussing health.

    SelfieServe with 3D Printing

    Content creators are becoming more and more popular these days. Not just as a profession, content creation on social media has enveloped people’s daily lives. This condition can also be utilised by companies to package their brand activation. One of them is by presenting SelfieServe Activation with 3D Printing.

    One campaign that is quite popular in utilising 3D printing technology is the Coca-Cola Mini Me campaign. Consumers are invited to design their visual character on the Coca-Cola app and then nurture it like playing Tamagotchi. Then, the company will choose the best character and invite them to Coca-Cola headquarters.

    Another example comes from automotive manufacturer VW’s The Polo Principle campaign, which invites creators to make 3D design creations. The owner of the best design will be loaned a VW Polo to use freely for two months.

    This activation is cool, but the cost of 3D printing is still not budget-friendly enough to make it a rarity. A good opportunity, right?

    Private Dining Club

    If companies are still confused about how to maintain relationships with customers who are already loyal to the company, a private dining club can be a solution. Simply put, this activity is done by organising dinner meetings on a regular basis. The main goal is to provide a memorable experience and build closer relationships with participants, while bringing the brand to life.

    Private Dining Clubs create an immersive and intimate environment where participants can interact with company leaders or important figures. This helps in building a stronger emotional connection between the attendees and the brand. When companies open the doors into their world and share exclusive dinner experiences, it creates transparency and trust. Customers feel closer to the brand and have more trust in the brand.

    Take IKEA for example. The brand organised The Dining Club activation which aimed to strengthen consumers’ relationship with the brand through a dinner event. The event was also an opportunity for the company to introduce new products such as IKEA Virtual Reality Kitchen, IKEA Unique Shop, and others.

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