7 SEO Strategies on 2022

undercover.co.id -7 SEO Strategies , Developing an SEO strategy is not only about backlinks. However, there are still many other approaches that can be used to optimize website performance.

Recently, the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is on the rise, because it is believed to be a way out for digital businesses during a pandemic.

The question is, is SEO still suitable as an investment by the company? If so, what SEO strategy should be applied?

To answer the questions above, on this occasion we will share tips regarding SEO strategies for businesses that can be run in the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

However, considering that there are many factors and specific approaches that are not the same from one website to another. Then you may need to make adjustments and re-adaptations of the following examples of SEO strategies.

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SEO Strategy during the Covid-19 Pandemic
seo strategy
seo strategy
There are many SEO strategies that can be run, considering that there are more than 200 SEO ranking factors that can affect search engine results.

However, in the current pandemic, which SEO strategy is the most suitable?

1.Re-Optimized Title and Meta Description
Re-optimization of titles and Meta Descriptions is one of the SEO strategies that Qwords friends can use in the midst of a pandemic.

Like the MotoGP race, at this time we are no longer competing with Valentino Rossi, but have entered a new phase where there are new names such as Fabio Quartararo or Francesco Bagnaia.

Make sure that your website or landing page uses a meta description that is still relevant for the current situation.

Relevance in the current pandemic condition is very important because more and more competitors are entering the digital world with new strategies.

  1. Recheck Search Intent
    Search Intent
    Search Intent
    Search intent is one of the factors that determine whether your content can be found by visitors or it sinks in the back page.

There are at least three types of intents for each keyword that we can currently understand. Here’s a full explanation:

Navigational Keyword: This type of keyword is usually used by readers or information seekers to direct to certain websites. Navigational keywords generally consist of a brand name, such as Facebook login, viral Twitter thread, or TikTok fyp.

Informational Keyword: This type of keyword is usually widely used by the media, bloggers, or even e-commerce websites to attract an audience. An example of informational keywords is, what is SEO?. How to make a website, or the best hosting service in Indonesia.

Transactional Keyword: This type of keyword is the most difficult to penetrate, because apart from being inhabited by websites with high authority scores, they usually also have quite a lot of PPC Google Ads ad slots.
The pandemic that has occurred recently has certainly caused a shift in the intent of search engine users. There are changes in characteristics during the pandemic period that should be taken into account by digital businesses.

You can check or analyze keywords that have been successfully acquired, are these keywords still relevant to the business?

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3.Create Relevant Content
Talking about relevance, of course not all business people or content creators understand this well.

This condition is very reasonable, especially considering the fact that every business has different characteristics and supporting factors.

Tips from us, try to study your business in more depth. Find a new point of view that can be raised so that it attracts the attention of many people.

Relevant content does not all have to be selling, but can also be taken from a connection to an event that is currently happening or is popular with the general public.

  1. Pay attention to Core Web Vitals
    core web vitals
    core web vitals

Talking about SEO strategies during a pandemic is certainly incomplete if you don’t mention Core Web Vitals.

Core Web Vitals or later known as the Page Experience Algorithm is a metric used by Google to rank websites based on website quality and visitor experience.

You can optimize your Core Web Vitals score by upgrading or migrating your hosting to a more optimal service to increase website loading speed.

In addition, special attention is also needed to make the website display more comfortable, stable, and easy to use from both mobile and desktop devices.

5.Flexible to Trend Changes
It is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed companies to tighten their belts and rack their brains to survive.

As a result, various new trends have emerged in the midst of a pandemic. For example, the popularity of digital payments using e-wallet or QRIS from Bank Indonesia has begun .

As a businessman, you certainly have to be flexible and quickly adapt to this so that consumers don’t switch to competitors.

6.Local SEO Optimization
What is Local SEO? In general, Local SEO is a business optimization strategy in search engines for a certain area. It can be in one country, province, city, sub-district, up to per village.

The Local SEO strategy is very suitable to be used during the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic, because it is in line with the PSBB policy from the government to limit space and a ban on traveling outside the city.

By implementing Local SEO , your business will be more easily found by potential customers around the place where you live.

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One of the most popular ways to optimize Local SEO itself is by utilizing Google My Business.

7.Use the Best Hosting Package

When everyone starts to dive into the digital realm, it is very important for businesses to anticipate a surge in traffic to online store websites or company profiles.

If you previously had a website with an average traffic of under 10 thousand per day. So it is highly recommended to take anticipatory steps by increasing the space and hosting specifications during the pandemic.

Do not let you lose potential sales turnover because potential buyers cannot access your website.

One of the best hosting packages that are suitable for accommodating online businesses with high traffic is the Business Cloud Hosting service from Qwords.com .

In addition to being equipped with a super large storage capacity, this package also supports various contemporary features. For example, such as anti-malware Imunify360, high-speed storage based on SSD (Solid State Drive), to LiteSpeed ​​API technology.

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The pandemic conditions that have occurred since the past year have had a tremendous impact in terms of both social and economic aspects.

However, regardless of the conditions that occur, we still have to be optimistic and observant to see opportunities so that we can rise to the situation before the pandemic.

Technological adaptability is one of the keys if a business wants to keep growing. Friends of Qwords can start with simple steps, such as managing social media for promotional needs.

However, social media alone is not enough if you want to build a profitable business in the long term.

You must have a website as a means of branding, disseminating information, and to accommodate transaction activities.

Come on, make a business website right now! Take advantage of hosting promos , domains, and various website needs from Qwords now to save costs.

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