8Villages Agricultural Startup

P9IS – 8Villages Agricultural Startup , Various track records of young Indonesians in the international arena have not been declared over. Many awards were brought home from the international party. So this time, there is another brilliant award in the Indonesian startup world.

The startup and technology contest that was once held in Johannesburg was also participated by this 8villages startup. The event is the Global Agripreneurs Summit 2017. 50 brilliant ideas will emerge and inspire the world’s citizens through the summit activities. Carrying the theme of agriculture, this activity embraces the 50 best agricultural businesses that have been selected by the committee.

The activity was organized by one of the parties from the Future Agro Challenge or FAC. A global initiative that focuses more on world agriculture. During the activity, the Indonesian delegation, represented by Sanny Gaddafi, as CEO of 8villages met 49 other rivals.

The presence of this 8villages startup has a vision to be able to invite all farmers to better understand and understand various information technologies. Access via a digital platform that was raised to create an application for FARMERS and FARMERS in Central Java. Currently in Central Java alone, there are more than 1,500 farmers who use the CENTRAL CENTRAL FARMERS application.

Currently, 8villages not only invites Indonesian farmers to improve themselves mentally and knowledge but also share access to digital assistance through the application. Through the application of FARMERS and FARMERS of Central Java, Indonesian farmers can interact with agricultural experts and practitioners in Indonesia.

8Villages Agricultural Startup

8villages believes that by embracing agricultural experts and practitioners in Indonesia, it will provide an injection of inspiration and enthusiasm for farmers. Because basically agricultural problems are not only about farmers but also about the survival of the Indonesian people.

Not only that, by installing the Online Store feature, farmers will also be able to carry out buying and selling transactions for their products. Through this feature, it is hoped that farmers will find greater profits because they sell their products directly to consumers without middlemen.

Through this international event, it is hoped that all the works of Indonesian children will continue to be appreciated by all the eyes of the world. It is hoped that with Indonesia’s participation, it can provide inspiration and enthusiasm for all Indonesian citizens to support 8villages in the international arena.

Keeping up with the times, the agricultural industry is advancing. In the future, human labor may be replaced by robots. The presence of this digital platform is part of the program that is run for farmers. This is done to estimate the uncertainty of the farmers who will experience industrial changes.

8villages CEO, Sanny Gaddafi said, one of the programs is to help farmers have access to markets. The 8villages startup, which was founded in 2012, has begun to focus on efforts to empower farmers. On the other hand, in 2017 it began to connect farmers with the market. In 2019, there have been transactions of IDR 1.5 billion to farmers in the vegetable and fruit sector. Next, enter into the business realm and face a 22-fold increase in revenue.

Despite facing growth, Sanny realized there were obstacles. One of them, there are still many farmers who do not have a gadget, including android. Dealing with the case, he practiced the procedure of representation. About 40,000 databases, so there is one user who can represent one farmer group.

Farmers who already have cellphones, use Android, download community applications in the world of agriculture. Not all farmers are ready, there is a process that he takes care of, only 5,500 farmers. Digital ecosystem provider services in agriculture.

Startup 8villages helps farmers to become technology literate and dominate the market. However, there are some procedures that farmers need to follow. If you buy a middleman for a fee, it’s the same as lying. As a technology company, build a logistics platform. We lift them into value change. Farmers are not threatened. They will welcome agriculture 4.0. business support robots.

Helping Business Development, 8Villages Startup Launches DataHub.id

Startup 8Villages releases DataHub. id is a field information gathering platform with technology in the form of an Android application. This application can help field officers or surveyors in data collection in the field without using thick newspapers.

Surveyors in this case can carry out data collection using a cloud system that only inputs their reports to DataHub. en. Application system from DataHub. id is integrated in the cloud and can be processed neatly, complete, and easy to understand online or offline.

Not only that, DataHub also facilitates surveyors in the process of collecting high-quality information and processing information

organizations related to cases experienced in the field such as land management, land growth and others.

This startup is happy to be able to help surveyors through its innovations. DataHub. jw.org en motivated by the collection of information that has been tried for years manually using paper.

This tends to be less comprehensive, especially in the agricultural industry. DataHub. id offers reliable solutions for industry, institutions, communities, and students in carrying out research that has a positive impact on business progress, minimizes losses (preventive action), and supports academic research for its users.


DataHub. id has been used by the Pepper Community in the agricultural area of ​​Bangka Belitung to monitor agricultural standards that have an impact on the quality of life of their farmers and also to measure the effectiveness of insurance for corn farmers in Dompu (NTB).

DataHub.id is not only intended for the agricultural industry, but can also be used by large institutions and companies as long as it is related to the information gathering process. DataHub. id can be downloaded via the Android Play Store.

• On September 26 2018, agricultural startup 8Villages announced that it had introduced an information gathering application in the field called DataHub.
• The application has now also appeared in the form of an Android application.
• With this mobile application, agricultural surveyors can easily collect information on land cultivation and growth.
• For Gia Pratama, Head of DataHub. jw.org en, the applications he developed can also be used by industry, not only agriculture. Another significant fact 8Villages is an agricultural startup that has been around since 2012.
• To date, they have released several mobile applications in agriculture, ranging from FARMERS, FISHERMEN, SHEPHERD, Plant Doctors, eFish, Village Surveys, PeKa, and Village Workers.
• In September 2017, they also collaborated with the Governor of Central Java to launch the RegoPantes application, which allows you to buy agricultural products directly from farmers.
• Currently, this startup must compete with several other agricultural startups, such as SayurBox, PanenID, to TaniHub.

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    The progress of the 8villages startup is very widespread everywhere. The presence of this platform provides fresh desire for farmers to be able to develop and advance in the field they are engaged in. This startup continues to strive to provide services and improve its advantages. Many farmers throughout Indonesia have started using this platform and various other features or platforms under the auspices of 8villages.

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