A Game Changer in the EV Market

undercover.co.id – A Game Changer in the EV Market , Hyundai went full throttle when it declared its re-entry into the Indonesian market three years ago. It became a game changer in the country’s electric vehicle market.

For road users in DKI Jakarta and surrounding areas, seeing Hyundai STARGAZER, CRETA, IONIQ 5, or PALISADE cars busy milling around is increasingly becoming a common sight. The proliferation of Hyundai products could be an indication of the success of this South Korean automotive product.

This condition cannot be separated from the role of Astrid Ariani Wijana, Head of Marketing Dept. Hyundai Motors Indonesia. The woman who is familiarly called Astrid became one of the “early” management who rebuilt the Hyundai brand when it was held by PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) as the brand holder agent in Indonesia.

Hyundai now appears as a challenger brand as well as a game changer in the country’s automotive industry. Even so, they still have a long way to go to become the top three or market leader in the national automotive market. The keywords that are important for HMID’s growth are people and brand. Both carry strong ambitions.

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    “Hyundai when they re-entered Indonesia intended to be really full force. And immediately entered the pure electric car or EV market, which three years ago people asked, can you sell electric cars in Indonesia?” said Astrid.

    A Game Changer in the EV Market
    A Game Changer in the EV Market

    Hyundai also decided to bring its products and infrastructure to Indonesia. The brand is not just actively selling products, but also ensuring this market is ready. “We educate, prepare factory infrastructure, create a charging station roadmap that also works with partners. We also prepare battery factories, both for battery cells and battery pack factories. Automatically, the pure electric vehicle ecosystem can continue to grow and further boost Indonesia’s position as a key player at the global level,” Astrid concluded.

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