Agromaret, Startup Creates Prosperous Farmers -Agromaret , In building a business today, it is very necessary to master the IT field as a medium. Currently, there are also many marketplaces that provide various goods that are traded via the internet. Even now the field of marketing has been penetrated by IT. Currently, the field of agriculture is also very developed theology. One of the startups in the agricultural sector that is starting to spread right now is Agromaret.

The development of technology that is increasingly advancing rapidly has a positive impact that can facilitate all community activities in various fields, including agriculture. Even though technology is growing, you still have to be careful when transacting online.

Agromaret Startup Overview

This Agromaret startup is one of the marketplaces or a collection of agricultural communities with an online basis. This startup is quite large in Indonesia. This marketplace does not only offer products in the agricultural sector. Aoan but also offers a variety of livestock products and

As is well known, farmers are currently being disadvantaged in various ways, so to reduce market dominance, this startup has also been introduced. The way to reduce this dominance is to create as many market opportunities as possible.

In this case the quality of the company is very important in running its business. Apart from that, this startup also has a friendly and attractive price offer. Therefore, it is hoped that with this startup, farmers and the community can form a cooperative agrometer in the broad-scale agricultural sector.

History and Founder of Agromaret

Setia Darmawani Afandi is the founder of PT. Indonesian Digital Agromart. This startup has been operating since 2009. The headquarters of this platform is in the city of Bogor and is very much in demand.

Setia Darmawan Afandi is a graduate of the Ministry of PC Science, Bogor Agricultural University. Starting from the case of farmers who had difficulty marketing their products, Afandi had the idea of ​​creating a website to help farmers market their own products online.

This website serves sales, requests and agro-markets. Certainly cooperation in the agricultural sector which includes agricultural products, gardens, forests, livestock to transportation services. As proof that this startup has a lot of fans, in August 2017 people who started joining reached 119,288.

So far you can see that Indonesia is considered an agricultural country. But agricultural zones are still struggling in every area. From cultivation, post-harvest processing to commodity marketing.

Through Agromaret you should be proud, because this marketplace and community can directly help Indonesian agriculture. In particular, marketing of post-harvest products. For this reason, the safety of the buyer and the convenience of the seller are the main priorities that must continue to be developed and raised.

With security guarantees and other supporting features, it is undeniable that the combination of IT and Agriculture in the future will be a breakthrough to help Indonesian agriculture achieve its glory.

Agromaret itself as the largest marketplace in agriculture has been operating since 2009. Currently 120,680 farmers (Agropreneurs) have joined Agromaret. Not only that, the 3 agricultural fields provided at Agromaret are agricultural products, fishery products, and livestock products. Making this marketplace the largest marketplace in the agribusiness sector today.

For this reason, Agromaret has recently launched the REKBER (joint account) feature to ensure security in transactions for sellers or buyers. The REKBER which was established in the gadang gadang was successfully launched about 2 months ago.

Combining the concept of agriculture which some people consider traditional with the concept of an online marketplace that is loved by modern society today is the idea of ​​Agromaret in building bridges between farmers and consumers.

Only with capital access to the internet, you can easily build an online market in the stalls that have been provided by the team. Likewise, for prospective buyers who want to look for certain commodities, simply enter the Agromaret website and you will be greeted with a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

There are 3 main features that can serve Agromaret users, namely Sales, Requests, and Cooperation. Each feature is equipped with a verification process before it is approved which can be seen on the Agromaret page. The goal is to avoid fraud and increase confidence in the advertised data or product.

Advantages Provided by the Agromaret Platform

There are several advantages offered by the Agromaret team, namely:

• Expanding the various business networks of farmers in all provinces in Indonesia.
• Using the hashtag Agripreneur, Agromaret will open up opportunities

great tan for entrepreneurs introducing all its commodities more than 119.532 entrepreneurs out there.
• The live chat feature of the platform responds to all problems from Agromaret visitors
• Request and Cooperation features that will help Agromaret visitors to find products with a certain qualification. You can also look for cooperation opportunities or investors in an entrepreneurial activity. For the three features, namely Sales, Requests, and Cooperation.
• Offer competitive prices because it is a direct bridge between suppliers and consumers. The prices offered through Agromaret can be cheaper than other stores
• Wallet feature to make it easier for sellers to see the latest balance and make fund disbursement
• Joint account facilities in payment procedures. Both parties feel safe because they get account transaction protection through Agromaret. Not only that, there is a refund policy if there is a problem of fraud or goods that do not comply with the convention.

With more than 100 thousand farmers who have joined, Agromaret has been trusted by many parties to facilitate the marketing of products offered by farmers. The seller can control how much the price is installed and the minimum purchase for potential buyers. On the other hand, buyers can control to search for certain products with more than 30 types provided from agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, and others.

Both parties are given the right to carry out the return of goods under certain conditions. The search feature offered by the team consists of 4 main types, one of which is a user that makes it easier for visitors to search for people/groups who are members of Agromaret. However, behind these advantages there are shortcomings that the Agromaret team needs to pay close attention to.

There is no guarantee whether the seller who promotes his product on the Agromaret stall is a trusted seller, although there is always a verification session before placing an ad on Agromaret.

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    The unavailability of a menu for selecting multi-language to make it easier for non-Indonesian visitors to access the Agromaret website and introduce the shops that are incorporated in it to non-Indonesian visitors.

    In the future, it is hoped that Agromaret can be accessed via offline and free applications that support smartphones with iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems and can be accessed via SMS such as the SMS Banking feature in the banking world. So that it is increasingly reaching farmers in remote areas to contribute in advancing agribusiness in Indonesia and minimizing losses for farmers.

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