Air Asia Food Supporting Indonesian Culinary Exploration, Airasia food delivery service expands its reach by being present in the Jakarta Capital area at the end of July. The addition of this service range is carried out to meet the needs of the community, who want practicality in enjoying various culinary menus. In addition, airasia food provides choices for the people of the capital city in ordering food with a variety of attractive offers.

The public and potential customers in the Jakarta area can access airasia food services, through the airasia Super App platform. The existence of this feature carries the vision of the airline AirAsia, which started its business through flight services to connect many people at affordable prices. Now, airasia food is an extension to provide services that are closer to the needs of the community.

“More than that, we also want to provide a satisfying culinary exploration experience by bringing a number of interesting promos to all wagra Jakarta. In the future, airasia food will seek the best service for all users and gradually expand its reach in Indonesia,” said Delly Nugraha, Country Head of airasia Super App Indonesia, in an official statement released

Delly said that after airasia food arrived in Jakarta, they could carry out their mission as part of the AirAsia big family. Namely living the commitment to connect everyone through different steps, by bringing customers to choose their favorite culinary. Of course, with easy access such as free shipping (postage) promo periods and discounted prices.

image size-full">AirAsia Food
AirAsia Food

AirAsia Food

Efforts to expand the food delivery service business are part of the major transformation of AirAsia airline, which developed as the Capital A group. The airasia food business is said to be an important achievement for the company’s expansion in the lifestyle fulfillment service sector. At the same time, encouraging the contribution of the food delivery service ecosystem to be able to develop further in the country.

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    Before arriving in Jakarta, airasia food started their services in Indonesia in the Greater Tangerang area in March 2022. The selection emphasizes service operations in densely populated areas such as Tangerang City, South Tangerang City, to Tangerang Regency. At that time, airasia food had said it would increase the number of merchants and reach other Jabodetabek areas.
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    The launch of the airasia food delivery service in Indonesia itself, was carried out after the initiation of this feature being presented to other countries in the Southeast Asia region. The Capital A Group, in an official statement in March 2022, considered the launch of a food delivery service in the country to be the next effort after receiving positive responses in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

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