Ajinomoto’s Business Strategy

Ajinomoto’s Business Strategy to Keep Existing in the Indonesian Market , Since it was first established in Indonesia in 1969, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) has continued to show its innovation in presenting food seasoning solutions to the people of Indonesia. For 53 years present in Indonesia, Ajinomoto has a business strategy that they consistently do to achieve the company’s vision and survive with every condition or change that occurs.

Formulated in Strategy 5A, Ajinomoto’s business strategy has succeeded in bringing their products to exist in the midst of Indonesian society. This 5A strategy is manifested in various initiatives and activities carried out by Ajinomoto.

The first A is Applicable. In running its business, Ajinomoto continues to develop its products to suit the preferences of the community and local culture. This Applicable strategy is also applied to the marketing context to maximize product marketing communications so that they are delivered on target.

“Each brand under Ajinomoto such as Masako, Saori and Sajiku continues to evolve and produce innovations in terms of products or marketing channels . We always follow the times and the needs of the Indonesian people,” said Samsul Bakhri, Director of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA in his statement

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Ajinomoto’s Business Strategy

The second A in the 5A strategy is Available. Ajinomoto always strives to ensure its products are available and easily accessible to consumers. This is done by marketing products conventionally through shops or supermarkets and utilizing digital services such as e-commerce.
Next up, Affordable . To meet consumer needs, Ajinomoto sells its products in various sizes that are tailored to market demand. Ajinomoto presents a variety of product sizes ranging from sachets intended for household consumers to large products that are usually needed by the HORECA industry.

The fourth strategy is Acceptable. This strategy is realized through Ajinomoto’s commitment to continue to apply the principles of sustainability in its business. Through this commitment, Ajinomoto continues to strive to create cooperation with the community, carry out environmental care movements, use local materials, realize a bio cycle system to create job opportunities for many people.

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    Lastly, Attractive . With market conditions and competition constantly changing, Ajinomoto intensifies the Attractive strategy to remain the people’s choice. Ajinomoto always brings innovation in its products while still considering health and nutritional content.
    “From the beginning of our presence in Indonesia until now, this 5A strategy has led us to continue to bring the Eat Well, Live Well philosophy to the Indonesian people,” said Samsul

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