undercover.co.id – Alibaba Cloud Reveals Constraints of Companies to Digital Transformation , Alibaba Cloud said there are several key challenges for companies in digital transformation. Eggy Tanuwijaya, Head of Product Solutions for Indonesia Alibaba Cloud Intelligence said human resources were the toughest challenge.

“Of all companies from traditional to digital usually is in resources. That’s why we have training ,” he said in a press conference with reporters

This applies to companies across sectors. Some sectors have quite specific constraints. One such company in the financial sector.
Companies in the financial sector, such as banks, have strict regulations that regulate. Thus, in its transformation, it must also follow the applicable rules.

“In the financial sector, we try to meet the needs of the regulations. That’s why we created three data centers to meet regulatory needs,” he said.

In encouraging companies to transform digitally, Alibaba Cloud is also training 62,000 digital talents by 2022, on the cloud.
The company also launched five new services, ranging from mobile application testing, relational databases , remote online solutions to cloud blockchain services and ChatAPP/short messaging services.

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Alibaba Cloud

Mobile app testing is a cloud platform that provides device testing services for mobile enterprises and developers. This platform aims to help detect hidden risks in applications quickly, for example such as application crashes, compatibility issues, functionality and performance. By leveraging machine learning, this technology can quickly identify, pinpoint, and resolve issues and improve test performance.

Then EKYC Solution which can be used by financial sector companies for user verification. A paperless remote checking process that functions to verify users online anytime and anywhere, a more efficient and accurate authentication method that can be used by more and more financial institutions.

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    These services include document verification, optical character recognition (OCR), and feature activation detection required for identification in scenarios such as remote banking jobs. Based on Alibaba’s proprietary algorithm, it only takes about 8 seconds on average for the process to complete.

    Then ChatAPP, an API messaging service for global enterprises that aims to reach users efficiently. Alibaba Cloud is working with popular international apps like WhatsApp to provide messaging API services for businesses to engage with their users.

    Short Message Service (SMS) helps companies around the world build channels to reach their customers with user-friendly, efficient and intelligent communication capabilities. Through the batch sending feature and various API operations, SMS can send one-time password messages, notification messages, and promotional messages to customers in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.

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