Alodokter’s Efforts to Strengthen Positioning with Yellow Fit Kitchen , Alodokter’s digital health platform recently collaborated with diet and healthy catering Yellow Fit Kitchen. This collaboration aims to provide dietary and dietary solutions for the community. As a background, the company sees that people’s consumption patterns have changed.

Changing consumption patterns can affect a person’s physical and mental health. For this reason, Alodokter and Yellow Fit Kitchen work together in providing solutions for people who want to maintain their diet, diet, or change eating habits so that their health condition is maintained.

This collaboration is also Alodokter’s effort to strengthen their positioning as a provider of accurate health information for users. This will be realized through health content and healthy programs in collaboration with Alodokter and Yellow Fit Kitchen.

“In this digital era, technology and social media play a very important role in supporting a healthy lifestyle, including a good diet or diet. Alodokter and Yellow Fit Kitchen strive to maximize the platform by providing health content related to diet and daily nutritional intake,” said Suci Arumsari, Co-Founder & President Director of Alodokter in a written statement by Alodokter.

Yellow Fit Kitchen is a catering that provides a menu of delicious healthy dishes and a diet program that supports healthy eating patterns.

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Through this collaboration, Yellow Fit Kitchen wants to increase public awareness that a healthy life can also be realized with delicious food. For this reason, Yellow Fit Kitchen offers their special programs on the Alodokter application, which consist of Healthy Catering, Mooles High Fiber Drinks (fiber drinks) , and YellowFitness.

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    Through this collaboration , Alodokter also provides special offers to attract the public, especially users. Alodokter provides discounts of up to 50% for consulting services with doctors via Alodokter specifically for Yellow Fit Kitchen users. This offer will last until August 31, 2022.

    “We hope that this collaboration with Yellow Fit Kitchen can help people to implement a healthy lifestyle supported by balanced nutrition more easily and affordably,” Suci said.

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