undercover.co.id – It is undeniable, the tourism industry is very impactful during the pandemic. Always supporting the government in accelerating social and economic recovery, especially in the tourism sector, Alodokter and Alomedika show full support to the Indonesian Health Tourism Medical Association (PERKEDWI).

As an official partner of PERKEDWI, Alodokter will continuously maintain the renewal of the practice of Indonesian telemedicine doctors and then share this knowledge through further training to doctors who are in tourist areas, or who have an interest in tourism.

The collaboration of health practitioners and telemedicine is expected to provide significant developments in tourism in Indonesia. The company also wants to help doctors in tourist areas to be better prepared to deal with various medical situations.

For example, through training , it is hoped that it can help doctors be better prepared to provide teleconsultation when using the doctor chat feature on Alodokter.

This includes delivering diagnoses, examinations, and providing treatment plans based on interviews and interactive patient checks remotely to users in tourist areas.

Mukti E. Rahadian as the Chair of PERKEDWI said that the collaboration between PERKEDWI and Alodokter was carried out in order to prepare a governance structure for both parties to build a strong collaboration foundation.

This effort is also the basis for developing scenario plans and strategies for implementing Pentahelic Collaborative Governance as a model for implementing the concept of Indonesian health tourism medicine.

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Alodokter’s Full Support To PERKEDWI

“We hope that, through this collaboration, the future of the community to benefit from the availability of superior health tourism medical service products will be easily accessible to all market segments of primary and secondary fitness tourists, both domestic and foreign. The impact of this is to increase public confidence in the quality of medical tourism service destinations in Indonesia,” he said.

Alodokter will also act as an open webinar organizer for medical professionals on the Alomedika platform every month. In addition, Alodokter has a feature for making doctor’s appointments available in the Alodokter application ecosystem and has been connected to booking hospitals or clinics closest to tourist areas if continued treatment is needed.

Suci Arumsari, President Director & C-Founder of Alodokter emphasized that his party is trying hard to continue to support the government in accelerating the socio-economic recovery of the Indonesian people. One of them is by becoming an official partner of PERKEDWI. The hope is that the company can continue to show service to the community, which in terms of tourism are local and international tourists.

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    “This collaboration is part of our commitment to support PERKEDWI in the tourism sector. We will mobilize all technological innovation capacity and the entire digital platform ecosystem to accommodate PERKEDWI programs,” he said.

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