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Arcademy is an educational technology startup that just launched at the beginning of last year. The concept brought is to create online classes to help people gain access to knowledge and help mentors share their knowledge.

The startup based in Jakarta is optimistic that it can provide a service that can contribute to education in Indonesia.

This startup has been raised since 2017, then launched around 2018. This Arcademy started to become a business entity a few months later. Based on internal information as of September 2018, Arcademy already has 35 classes and 22 mentors.

Active users reach more than 3000 users. 970 of them are paid class users/students. This makes Arcademy quite confident with the concept and business model they are carrying.

The MOOC concept also accompanies various features on this Arcademy platform. There mentors can upload courses along with complementary videos.

Meanwhile, users who function as students can register for classes and follow each curriculum that has been inaugurated by the mentor through a dashboard.

Actually learning online is not a new thing for the millennial generation who is this business market.

They learn through social media groups and Messenger. The challenge is to adopt social learning that is more structured, targeted, but also provides a minimal engagement experience similar to the social learning currently being tried through other media.

Therefore, as soon as possible release a mobile app to fulfill the need for the social learning and mobile learning experience. In order to create a quality engagement that is acceptable to users.

Arkademi, which is under the auspices of PT Arkademi Energi Indonesia, has successfully secured funding from several investors who are connected via the Facebook network. Hilman said that currently they have succeeded in obtaining more than 1 billion rupiah from these investors. It is planned that the investment will be used for some developments, both in terms of business or in terms of studies and technology.

Some of the strategic steps are opening Arkademi Lab & Studio in the South Jakarta area, recruiting team members such as developers and content creators. Strive to establish cooperation with course institutions and corporations in Jakarta and its surroundings. They also open events to attract students to join and use Arkademi as a learning platform.

Arcade Startup Pockets Funding from SOSV

Arcademies startups engaged in education are getting funding again. If previously Arkademi found an investment of US$75 thousand or around Rp. 1.02 billion from angel investors via Facebook, now the startup is getting funding from SOSV with an undisclosed amount.

SOSV is a venture capital industry (Venture Capital) headquartered in the United States. This Venture Capital has also been known to fund hundreds of startups which are known to be spread across various countries. Starting from Singapore, China, to France.

Startup Arkademi was founded in 20018 by Hilman Fajrian and Resi Dwi Erveny. Arkademi is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform created by the nation’s children. Education at Arkademi is devoted to skill-based learning or ability-based education delivered through study classes and online courses through the Arkademi application based on mobile apps and websites.

Everyone in this Arkademi course institution will be able to open and commercialize various online classes. This is done to be able to reach all students throughout Indonesia.

For Hilman Fajrian, the plan is that the funding from SOSV will be used by Arkademi to improve product quality, increase new employees and so on. SOSV’s resources will also help accelerate the development of the Arcade to better serve Indonesia’s 185 million working age population.

This arcade will not only get funding but will also join MOX and the SOSV accelerator program. This will focus on the mobile internet area. Previously Arkademi joined the AWS Edstart incubation program facilitated by Amazon Website Services Asia Pacific.

The startup Arkademi also has 50 classes provided by 20 institutions. This year’s Arcademy targets to have around 200 courses and 150 partner institutions.

Arcademies make it easy to take certain skill courses. You don’t have to pay a lot of money, or you don’t have to leave work. You can take courses according to your free time.

At Arkademi, you can set your own course schedule online. As long as there is internet, you can take the course anytime.

What is the difference with self-study by searching on the internet for example? clear

On the other hand, by taking this kind of online course, you will be given a complete syllabus of modules. Mentors will immediately explain in detail, through educational videos that have been recorded previously.

You can learn the special knowledge that you want to understand optimally. Moreover, there is also a special tutorial team outside of class hours. When there is a module that you don’t understand, you can ask the special team, it can be the telegram team, WA or Facebook, according to the means that each mentor provides.

For those who want to take online courses, expect a certificate of expertise as well. The certificate for each course you take will be accompanied by an Original certificate (wet stamp) from Arkademi.

Certificates can be obtained if you have passed the online test. You just have to wait at home. When you have passed the online test after all the modules have been studied, a certificate will be issued and sent directly to their respective home addresses. Don’t even think about the cost of sending the certificate, because the Arkademi will bear it directly.

What Specific Skills Can Be Learned in This Online Course?

Some of the skills that can be picked up in the Arcademies online course, are:

  1. A/B Applied Tax Brevet
  2. Quick and systematic way of interpreting electrocardiography (ECG)
  3. Hypnoselling: selling tactics without rejection
  4. What kind of business and job is right for you? plus character test and private consultation
  5. Explore and increase entrepreneurial opportunities
  6. Methods of making money through business-supporting android applications without having to be able to code
  7. Establishing a Startup and methods of sharing shares, as well as other capabilities.

Arcademies online courses, also provide free courses that you can check out, such as: Try outs and CPNS test simulations, technical guides for starting a business, Inbound Marketing and many others.

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When compared to local courses, for example, other advantages are about time and place and about course fees. Transportation costs to the course, of course there is no need for expenses. About the cost of online courses, of course, much cheaper than conventional courses on the spot.

Who would have thought, when you are at home you are not just playing social media, but in fact you are taking online courses. It certainly saves time, energy and costs.

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