Bakerzin’s Strategy to Always be Dynamic

The food and beverage industry which is increasingly mushrooming is required to always be dynamic in responding to all challenges. Bakerzin as a restaurant under the auspices of the Boga Group has managed to dynamically adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic situation which is a challenge for various industries.

Monica Situmeang, General Manager of Operations for Bakerzin said that Bakerzin’s focus is on customers. This means that when determining strategy or policy, Bakerzin looks at the customer side. He revealed that during the pandemic, Bakerzin implemented two strategies, including implementing health protocols and conducting rejuvenation.

Regarding health protocols, Bakerzin added improvements, especially in terms of hygiene and sanitation. Not only health protocols have been set by the government, but Bakerzin applies a touchless system in the ordering process to payment. Meanwhile, in terms of sanitation, Bakerzin is equipped with sanitation in all customer areas that have been cleaned. Monica said that currently Bakerzin is also trying to use a marble ionizer that functions to clean viruses in the air.

In the second strategy, namely rejuvenation, Bakerzin updates almost all elements. Among others from packaging models, social media, as well as products. One of them is by presenting herbal elements into some products. Bakerzin also focuses on dessert products, which rejuvenate the raw materials, appearance, variants to the experience that can be obtained.

“From raw materials, we have started using gluten free, less sugar and plant based ingredients in collaboration with third parties as providers. This rejuvenation aims to reaffirm Bakerzin’s positioning as ‘ The Best Dessert Store in Town ‘ which is in accordance with our tagline, namely love sweet love life ,” concluded Monica at the virtual event Marketeers Goes To Mall Episode 13.

Bakerzin has three main pillars, among others, Bakerzin is a brand that can be a good listener and story teller for its customers. This is shown through its main product, namely dessert . Then, Bakerzin is also a brand that has empathy, and Bakerzin is able to relate to customers in terms of humanity.

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Monica said that to strengthen the three pillars as well as their position, Bakerzin put it into an activity entitled Bakerzin Dessert Story. He emphasized that this activity was an invitation for social media users from all walks of life to tell their life stories and experiences, which would later be packaged into dessert products represented by the four influencers involved.

“We selected four influencers to participate in this activity as representatives of several segments. Like Jeje Soekarno who represents young people with all their love stories, Henji Wong who represents professional life, then Anissa Aziza represents the family segment, while Ayla Dimitri represents independent women. Dessert inspired by the stories of the four influencers will be launched on October 29, 2021,” said Monica

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