Best Password Manager for Account Security

P9IS – Best Password Manager for Account Security , best password manager , Password manager is an important part nowadays. Not many know that there is such a thing as a password manager.

Usually browsers like Mozilla or Chrome (powered by Google) provide their own password manager.

However, sometimes you hesitate to entrust your password to a browser software.

Well, for that we recommend several password managers that you can use and their security is guaranteed.

Understanding What is Password Manager

Password manager is a software or add-ons that you can use to create and store passwords for your accounts.

Who among the readers of this article still uses the same password for several accounts or uses letters without a combination of numbers and symbols?

Well, passwords that are used repeatedly and do not contain combinations with other symbols make your account at risk of cyber threats.

These days, you need a strong password that has minimal risk of being read by password crackers.

For that, you will need a password manager to manage all account passwords and even create strong passwords.

This software is usually available for PC and mobile devices, so you don’t have to bother remembering all your passwords.

Advantages of Using Password Manager

Maybe from the explanation above, you can guess a little about what functions are performed by the password manager.

Well, using a password manager will certainly provide many advantages.

For that, we will reveal some of the advantages that you can get when using a password manager.

Create the strongest passwords with a combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

Password storage is private and can only be accessed by the owner of the master password.
It is easy to perform password maintenance because there is a warning notification if the website has been hacked or your password is weak.

Increase the security of your account as sometimes passwords with combinations are hard to read by crackers.

In addition to storing passwords, this software can store secret notes.
Has many methods to login to the account whose password is stored.

One software can be used on various devices and some can even be accessed offline.
The following are the advantages that you can get by using a password manager.

Best Password Manager to Secure Account

With cyber crime rates increasing every year, therefore, you should always be able to improve account security.

One way is to use a password manager software.

The following is our list of the best password managers.

  1. Lastpass
    Not just a tool for storing passwords, Lastpass can also be used as a secret note holder.

There is one excellent feature of Lastpass, namely dark web monitoring. You probably know that the dark web is a hotbed for cybercriminals.

Imagine if your personal data was already spread there and traded. Now, with the dark web monitoring feature, you will be given a warning to replace the risky data.

  1. 1Password
    If you are looking for a simple and concise password manager software, 1Password can meet your expectations.

Apart from keeping your passwords safe, 1Password allows you to add another layer of security to its vault with 2 factor authentication.

Another advantage of 1Password is that it can be used by various OS such as Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and even Linux.

  1. True Key by Intel Security
    Using True Key by Intel Security will provide a number of conveniences for you, such as importing passwords that were saved by the browser, can be used without a master password but remain safe and others.

The advantage of this software for managing passwords is what makes it worth recommending.

For synchronization, True Key can be used on several devices such as Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

  1. Bitwarden
    Bitwarden password manager software provides three types of packages, namely free, premium, and family.

While the free plan already provides basic features for saving and creating passwords, the paid version will provide analysis results and reports about your vault and more advanced 2FA.

Like other software, Bitwarden is very easy to use because of its user-friendly interface.

  1. Keeper
    This tool is very safe to use as Keeper prioritizes the security of the passwords stored there.

Keeper has features such as multifactor authentication so that those who use this tool don’t have to worry about its security because it provides a layered security system.

To use Keeper, you have to spend at least 34.99 USD.

  1. Dashlane
    You could say that to enjoy its myriad of features, you need to spend a large amount of money.

But the money you invest is certainly very worth it for the security of the accounts you manage.

The design is also very easy for users when they have to operate this tool.

For the price, Dashlane set a starting price of 3.99 USD.

  1. Password Boss
    Password Boss is the best password manager tool you can use. This tool offers the basic needs of password storage.

If you are looking for a cross-platform password manager, Password Boss can do it for you.

To use it you are charged 29.99 USD per year.

  1. NordPass
    NordPass is a tool developed by NordVPN specifically for securing your account passwords.

This password manager tool is very easy to use even by someone who has never used a password manager tool.

The price you have to pay to use NordPass starts at 4.99 USD.

Ready to Secure Your Password?

As a website manager or someone who is active on the internet, it seems that you really need a password manager.

Websites that are managed with hosting from Qwords are certainly safe. But, with the extra security of the password manager, access to the admin dashboard can also be secure.

Well, now you can choose one of the many password manager options that we provide.

Hope this article was useful!

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