Bitcoin Investment’s Tips – Investing using crypto assets in the form of Bitcoin is quite profitable for investors. Unfortunately there are many investors who do not know the right investment steps. As a result, they tend to lose large amounts of money. Moreover, the price of Bitcoin tends to fluctuate and is difficult to predict.

One must be good at reading opportunities in order to invest in Bitcoin properly. This means they must know when to make a purchase or make a sale. Sometimes, they also have to hold assets and wait for the best opportunity to trade. Now, checking today’s bitcoin price on just got easier.

Pluang is one of the best investment provider platforms in Indonesia. If it’s your first time or want to start investing using Bitcoin, it’s a good idea to listen to the following tips.


The first thing to do before investing in Bitcoin crypto assets is to register. You must register with the right platform so that the investment process can run smoothly. One of the platforms that can be used to register is Pluang. You can register by including various identities. Next, follow all the steps to the end.

When the account has been created, you can immediately make investments. Normally, registration can be completed within 1 day so there is no need to wait too long.

Doing Verification

After registering an account, there will usually be KYC verification. This verification is carried out to find out data from an investor and also prevent money laundering or money laundering. Verification is carried out using several important data such as identity in the form of ID cards and others. In addition, you must also upload a recent photo of yourself. The point is that you have to fulfill the various information needed.

If the verification process has gone well. You can immediately invest by buying Bitcoin. In addition, you can also invest in other crypto assets.

Refill Funds

Before making an investment there is one more step that must be done. You have to prepare funds by reloading or top up. If you use Pluang, you must top up a certain amount of funds whose minimum amount is in accordance with the rules that have been set.

Normally, the top up process can be done using a transfer through a supported bank. In addition, you can also use other methods such as using digital wallets and virtual accounts to facilitate the verification process.

The incoming funds will not be used directly to invest in Bitcoin. However, the funds become balances that can be used at a later date as needed. So, even if you top up around Rp. 1,000,000. You can invest Bitcoin under that.

Choose a Pair and Buy

Before investing in Bitcoin, you need to choose a pair with which to convert money into coins. Normally, you can use IDR or rupiah pairs using Bitcoin (IDR-BTC).

Some people can also use other pairs such as US$ into Bitcoin. In addition, you can also use crypto assets other than Bitcoin as a partner for exchange.

Try to exchange funds into Bitcoin by choosing the right pair. That is, the exchange value must be high when compared to other pairs. To find out which pair is the most appropriate, you must do your research first.

Manage Funds Well

After successfully selecting and conducting transactions, the next step is to manage the crypto assets that you already have. Normally, any type of crypto asset including Bitcoin will experience rapid price changes every day.

By looking at the Bitcoin price today, you can determine when to make a purchase. In addition, you also have to know when to make a sale. Usually when the Bitcoin price drops, purchases can be made. When the price goes up, what is done is a sale.

Manage funds properly then get verified to other crypto assets which have high odds. That way, the value of the assets owned can increase to the maximum.

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Knowing the price of Bitcoin today is one way that can be done to do analysis. So, you can know when to buy or sell. If you don’t observe prices regularly, it will be difficult to make large profits.

Currently, investing in crypto assets can be done very easily. Especially using Pluang. The investment process can be done like doing a refill or top up. In addition, the investment value can also be adjusted according to needs. So, you don’t have touse a large amount of capital.

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