undercover.co.id – Born in the Metaverse Coca-Cola Brings Soda with a “Byte” Flavor , Continuing to innovate, Coca-Cola will bring the metaverse to the real world with a soda known as “Byte”. According to the company, the Byte soda will “bring to life the pixelated taste in limited-edition drinks that transcend the digital and physical realms.”

Inspired by the gaming world, this special edition of Coca-Cola Zero will be launched in very limited quantities in select countries such as in the United States to China. Byte itself isn’t the first unique flavor released by the Coca-Cola Creations team, as the coveted Coca-Cola Starlight tastes like space was released earlier this year.


“With our second project from Coca-Cola Creations, we wanted to create an innovative flavor inspired by pixelated fun rooted in the experience that comes from a game . Just as pixels drive digital connections, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte brings people together to share Real Magic moments,” said Oana Vlad, Senior Director Global Strategy for The Coca-Cola Company.

Not just a drink, Coca-Cola Creations’ Byte will also have Pixel Point, an island created in Fortnite Creative designed by Coca-Cola and lifestyle and gaming organization PWR. “On logging in, players will find Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte in the metaverse and can interact with fellow gamers through a series of four sensory-inspired multiplayer mini-games , namely The Castle, The Escape, The Race, and The Tower. Each of these rooms will present different challenges, which can only be completed by working together with other players to climb to the top of the tower.

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Coca-Cola connoisseurs can also scan Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte packages at www.coca-cola.com/creations to access augmented reality (AR) games, which tell the BYTE story, or the 8-bit pixels left behind when Coca-Cola Bytes enter the metaverse. Using the finger to hold down the arrow, the player can guide BYTE to “jump” up the spiral staircase so that the only pixels can rejoin the Coca-Cola logo. The player’s finish time will be posted to a virtual leaderboard which can be shared on social media.

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“This new Coca-Cola Creations flavor is a great tribute to gamers from one of the most iconic brands ever. We are proud to be able to help create something special for the community and celebrate its launch,” said Lachlan Power, professional gamer and Founder of PWR.

Continuing, Lachlan thought that this project was interesting for PWR because it could create an experience that facilitates teamwork with connections between players that is packaged in the launch of this new variant.

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