Brand Activation MamyPoko Love Donation Through Pokojang Love Hugs

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jasa seo – The interaction of parents with children since the golden age up to the age of five has a major impact on the growth process of children. The interaction of parents and children can be implemented in many ways. Face to face communication in fun ways, giving touches, including hugging, is part of stimulation for toddlers.

Based on the study of Unicharm Japan collaborated with Professor Hideki Ohira of Nagoya University in Japan, investigated the mother and early age baby between the ages of three to five months, it indicated the efficacy of a touch from the parents to their children.

The study was conducted to verify the interaction of mothers and babies when they were hugging each other, in a position of holding and carrying the baby, in order to study the relationship between mothers’ hugs toward the feeling of comfort, the feeling of happiness, through the heart rate measurement.

The Study compared between mother’s hug to her child while breathing normally and while breathing deeply. When the mother breathed in, slowly, and intensively, the hug decreased heart rate interval causing an increasing sense of calm and relaxed up to three times more than if the mother was hugging baby while breathing normally.

Recognizing the importance of hug for children growth, MamyPoko use it as a means to channel donations to the children in the Sayap Ibu orphanage. Through its latest campaign, MamyPoko Indonesia invites families to share their tender love touch through the tenderness of MamyPoko to orphan Childs by collecting thousands of lovingly embrace photos with hashtag of #mamypokolovetouch.

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The photos will be calculated as the number of diapers that will be donated to the Yayasan Sayap Ibu orphanage. In addition to photos submitted, the number of hugs can also be obtained by embracing Pokojang Hug Meter in Mamy Poko Pokojang Land, Central Park. Each of one hug is counted as sharing a diaper for orphan childs.

“MamyPoko wants to share your love touch with hugs felt by the children of Indonesia. Hopefully this event will inspire Indonesian families, “said Masaaki Takahashi, President Director of PT Unicharm Indonesia.

Brand Activation MamyPoko Love Donation Through Pokojang Love Hugs

Brand Activation MamyPoko Love Donation Through Pokojang Love Hugs – foto by mamypoko

Brand Activation MamyPoko Love Donation Through Pokojang Love Hugs The donation amount will be accumulated from the number of hugs collected in Pokojang Hug Meter in the main event of MamyPoko Love Touch activity in Central Park Mall along 22 to 25 September, 2016.

Not only that, MamyPoko invites all mothers to feel the direct experience of the full of tenderness world in the area of Pokojang Land, where the child can feel the fluffyness of soft ball pit, play around at the Pokojang Music Bridge, Performance of Pokojang Dolls, free cotton candy, free photo booth and other games.

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Sharing Clean Water from P&G for Kalbar

Procter & Gamble, or better known as P&G held campaign of the West Kalimantan for clean water. Hand in hand with PT. Indomarco Prisatama or Indomaret, P&G sought to meet this need by running the Clean Air Sharing program.

The program is held from August 1 to September 30 2016, with public participation throughout Indonesia. By buying the products of P&G in Indomaret, the consumer has directly contributed to the needs of potable water for one day in West Kalimantan. This program targeted over 9 million liters of potable water can be distributed.

“Clean water is a major component in human life. Humans can still live without electricity, but it is impossible in the absence of water. This is a portrait of human dependence on water, “said author and artist Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari which was also supporting the campaign’s share of Clean Water.

Sharing Clean Water is part of global P&G program, P&G’s Children Safe Drinking Water (CSDW), which took place since 2004. This global program has distributed the potable water to the people in 85 countries because of the built-in innovation of P&G Purifier of Water.

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In Indonesia, CSDW has provided more than 175 billion liters of potable water since run, at the sadly moment of tsunami in Aceh in 2004. CSDW then continued when there was, an earthquake in Yogyakarta, an earthquake in Padang, an eruption of Mount Merapi in Central Java, and the latest, the program at Nusa Tenggara Timur (South East Nusa) since 2015.

The company showed its concern on the growth of children and on people in need in Indonesia through various programs. Using the products such as Pantene, Head & Shoulder, Rejoice, Gillette, Pampers and Downy, the company is committed to provide access to potable water and sanitation and health education to the needy areas. Brand Activation MamyPoko Love Donation Through Pokojang Love Hugs

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