Undercover – Digitalization is further strengthened during times of pandemics. Online activities make many parties strengthen and accelerate digitization. People are getting used to digitalization, which offers various conveniences and practical steps. Southeast Asia is currently one of the regions with the largest and fastest growing digital economy in the world, with total online transactions predicted to reach US $ 10 billion by 2020.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, this digital transformation has begun to be felt in almost all activities, seen from the massive use of online travel agents , online shopping , online transactions , remote working facilities , entertainment, and so on.

“The Indonesian people are already leading to digital transformation and with the COVID-19 pandemic, its growth has accelerated even more. However, even though digital growth in Indonesia is accelerating, based on what I analyze there are still many people who enter the digital business without really understanding the digital concept itself, so that not a few are caught in price wars through digital, “said Denny Santoso, Founder and CEO, Tribelio as quoted from his official statement.

According to him, digital business has undergone a considerable evolution. Currently, the digital world has entered the era of purposeful brands , where in order to be able to compete digitally in a healthy way, every brand or business must build a community that has a useful purpose or mission, or what is known as a tribe. Tribe is a term for a group of people who have high loyalty towards the same goal.

“Therefore, I built Tribelio, a digital platform that can make it easier for leaders, brands or businesses to gather these people and build deeper relationships with them, so that their goals and missions can be carried out well,” he said.

In addition, digital business also offers a variety of conveniences that can be used by both sellers and buyers. This digital convenience is utilized by various types of businesses and industries. One of them is insurance which can bypass complicated processes and speed up services. Allianz Indonesia has prioritized digitization since the initial phase when customers joined, to claim to provide a user experience that provides convenience and memorable service.

One way of doing this is through the Allianz Eazy Connect service, which makes it easier for customers to connect to Allianz digital services. Digitalization in the insurance industry is also expected to help insurance penetration in Indonesia, which is still one of the countries with the lowest insurance penetration rate in the world.

Arif Baharudin, Expert Staff to the Minister of Finance for Financial Services and Capital Markets (JKPM), once revealed that there are several things that are indicated as inhibiting factors for the development of the insurance sector in Indonesia. Some of them are low financial literacy and unequal access to financial services. Thus, the digitization of insurance has an important role to further improve public access to this sector in order to continue to drive its growth.

The latest survey from the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) also shows that in the second quarter of 2020, the number of internet users in the country reached 196.7 million or 73.7% of the total population. This fact further strengthens the opinion that insurance digitization can be an interesting innovation in this sector.

Now, several types of insurance products that are widely offered digitally include car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and travel insurance. The public can easily get various digital -based insurance products through various platforms, such as the C2C (customer)-to-customer) marketplace, B2C (business-to-customer), platforms owned by insurance companies or other digital platforms that can be accessed using mobile applications . or website .

Swiss Re Institute research reveals that 76% of Indonesians are interested in buying digital insurance products . Meanwhile, the most preferred platforms to get this insurance product are e-commerce and fintech.

However, digital convenience also raises concerns about security, especially in terms of data privacy. In mid-2020, 91 million user data were monitored being traded via the Dark Web for Rp.73.5 million, where information such as names, addresses and contacts can be read very easily. This of course can be a threat to users, especially for vital online activities such as making transactions, including buying insurance if it is not supported by supporting regulations and systems.

A survey conducted by cybersecurity company, Kaspersky, in mid-2020 revealed that 40% of consumers from Asia Pacific faced incidents of leaking personal data accessed by others without their consent. This is further supported by data from the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency which also revealed that from January to August 2020, there were nearly 190 million cyber attack attempts in Indonesia. This has more than quadrupled over the same period the previous year.

Protection of user’s personal data is of course one of the main concerns for Allianz Indonesia. PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia and PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia have won the ISO 27001: 2013 certificate which is an international standard assessment of information security governance systems and data protection.

“Having ISO 27001 certification shows that we have taken precautionary steps to protect customer information, manage information security risks from cyber threats and achieve compliance with customer information protection,” said Mike Sutton, Chief Digital Officer of Allianz Life Indonesia.

Customers are the main focus for Allianz. In this case, efforts to build customer trust and loyalty in the era of insurance digitization must continue to be developed by players.

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