BRI KUR Successfully Awakens Business and Community Welfare , In its efforts to accelerate Indonesia’s economic growth, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BRI continues to create various programs and one of them is the distribution of People’s Business Credit (KUR). By adding economic and social value to the program, BRI is able to have a positive impact on the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Sunarso, President Director of BRI, explained that the company is committed to continuing to focus on the SME sector through Go Smaller, Go Shorter, and Go Faster which is based on the high social impact of BRI KUR distribution.

Through KUR, the businesses of SMEs that almost stopped operating during the pandemic can be maintained again so as to generate income that is used to pay for children’s education and the health of family members. At least, for KUR customers, they can maintain their business because it is driven by new capital.

“KUR is a new source of capital that turns the wheels of business. This source of business income is important to help meet daily needs. Because the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is certainly felt by some customers, both in urban and rural areas,” said Sunarso, quoted from the BRI website.

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Based on data from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), this KUR program can strengthen social integrity during the pandemic. In the results of BRIN’s research, 50% of the samples were for the micro segment, 30% for the small segment, and 20% for the supermicro segment, through five production sectors. Around 57.62% of respondents are business actors spread across Java Island and another 42.38% are outside Java Island.

The results of this research prove that the distribution of KUR, especially by BRI, has succeeded in having a significant impact on improving aspects of Indonesian people’s lives. Judging from the positive impact, the distribution of KUR is considered to be able to encourage the ability of customers to develop their business, provide social impact, and have further impacts on the business community.

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On the social aspect, as many as 29.63% of customers are now able to finance their family’s education. Then, another 27.33% also said an increase in the financing of family health funds could be made after getting KUR.

“And so far, what we have done at BRI has turned out to be in accordance with the needs of business actors. Because not only lending, there is also coaching. The journey is clear and complete to encourage digitalization for business expansion so that these business actors can advance to class,” said Sunarso.

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