By.Neeth Emphasize Quality and Customer Convenience

By.Neeth, Emphasize Quality and Customer Convenience , Local brands in Indonesia are starting to attract people’s interest. More and more, people prefer to look for local brands, including clothing. Various local fashion brands began to run rampant with their own uniqueness.

One of the local fashion brands that is present in the community is By.Neeth. Present since 2019, now the brand has been able to captivate the hearts of many Indonesian people, especially women with various collections presented.

“The presence of the By.Neeth brand was originally from my difficulty in finding clothes with colorful themes. But, from a young age, I also have a passion for selling. So, actually the presence of this brand also continues my hobby in selling. That was the beginning of the presence of this brand,” said Nethaya, Founder & Owner of By.Neeth

To date, all of By.Neeth’s products are Net’s own ideas. For the model is the taste of Nethaya, combined and combined with consumer input.
“All the products of this brand are what I use, which is according to my taste. So, there is no special designer who designs the product. I also often ask my customers what kind of products they like,” he said.

Apart from being able to be worn by women who wear hijab or not, By.Neeth has a variety of colors that consumers can choose from for each product. Evidently, at this time the brand has succeeded in expanding into the Asian market.


“Each of our brand products has five to 30 colors that consumers can choose from. All colors we provide, according to the needs and desires of consumers. In addition, I also always ensure the quality of product production so that customers are comfortable wearing them, so that in the future they will buy again,” he said.

By.Neeth targets the female market segment from the age of 15-30 years, fashion lovers, and women who like colorful dress styles. Every 3-5 months, there are at least one to six new catalogs from this brand. However, this brand’s products are still limited to shirts and pants.

You could say, all By.Neeth products are included in everyday wear. So, actually there are no strange designs that characterize the brand. The number of players out there with almost the same products makes Net only need to think about various efforts in order to compete in the market.

“When I first released this brand, I really thought about how to brand it. It’s quite challenging because we have to find customers and ensure that our products are of good quality and worth buying,” said Nethaya.

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    Evidently, currently, By.Neeth’s sales transactions reach around 5,000 orders per month. In fact, on beautiful dates, Nethaya reveals that there can be 1,000 orders that come in a day.

    All of the brand’s products are marketed digitally. Net only said that currently, By.Neeth products can be purchased through Shopee e-commerce . To maximize sales, this brand makes various efforts in digital channels, including through viral marketing.

    “I take advantage of product marketing from loyal By.Neeth customers who are satisfied with our products. In addition, I also often collaborate with micro endorsers and macro influencers who are currently viral, both on TikTok and Instagram,” said Nethaya.

    Nethaya also markets By.Neeth products in the global market. Currently, these brand products can be purchased through Shopee e-commerce in several countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

    “I see the potential of By.Neeth in overseas markets is quite good. Because our followers are not only from Indonesia. There may be 1% of followers from overseas. There are also many requests from abroad, even from the United States,” he said.

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