Car Washing Is One Of The Highest ROI Business Opportunities – Business and the number of vehicles continues to grow, these two things that make car wash business opportunities more lively and in the lyrics of people.

Moreover, most car owners in Indonesia less so understand the correct washing technique, so more happy to clean it in a special place.

Equipment, price and how to choose it

The equipment that should be available to run a car wash service business opportunity is actually not too much. Some of the car washers include:


1. Hydraulics

Is a tool to raise and lower the car to be cleaned. With these tools, workmanship becomes easier and faster to do. In the market, the price of this tool is about 12 to 27 million rupiah depending on the quality, type and brand.

Because it is very expensive, before buying it’s good to ask in advance whether the price includes oil or not.


Hydraulic car wash with capacity of 4 tons need oil about 180 liters. If we calculate roughly, the oil dose is worth approximately 2 million rupiah.

In addition must be ensured there is warranty and spare parts guarantee. Also ask who should pay the shipping, installation and training fees for your technician or operator.

2. Snow tube (snow)

Serves as an artificial snowmaker to wash the car. There are 2 types of snow wash tubes and electric snow wash with quite striking difference.

When in use, snow wash tubes require wind power generated through the compressor. While snow wash electrical besides do not need a compressor, also more practical you operate and have a larger storage capacity.

The price of these two types of snow tubes ranges from 850 thousand to 1.5 million rupiah according to the capacity of snow.

To avoid the things that are not in want, always use a tube size of at least 1.5 mm thickness and made of stainless steel. The tube must also have other accessories, such as wind regulators to be more secure.

The most common accidents during use are explosions that can make people around them so badly hurt.

3. Air compressor

Has several kinds of benefits at once. First as a hydraulic propulsion because the working system of this machine using a wind impulse. The next function is to pump a snow tube or snow wash.

Then the last is to speed up the process of drying the car after the cleaning process. It costs between 6 to 26 million rupiah depending on the capacity and air spray generated.

There are 2 types namely portable compressor and van belt. Portable compressors usually have cheaper price but less durable if we use continuously. Better choose the van belt, because it is more durable though fairly expensive.

4. Pressure or steam water machine

Car wash tool used to determine the water pressure when in the spray on the body of the car. Through the machine, all kinds of dirt attached will be easier for you to clean.

Water pressure still needs to be set so as not too hard or fast, because it can cause damage. Steam water is usually sold at a price of 1 to 2 million rupiah.

5. Vacuum cleaner

A tool to clean the interior or interior of the car. Parts that are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, among others, seats, carpets and corners of cars are hidden but easily hit by dirt, etc. dust.

This tool is able to clean with suction system that energy is produced from electricity. Vacuum cleaner on the market has types and brands with a variety of shapes and prices ranging from 1 to 7 million rupiah.

The best option is the most high-powered suction dust and efficient in the use of electrical energy.

6. Hose

Useful to facilitate most car wash processes especially when it needs water and snow spray. The price ranges from 20 to 30 thousand per meter. Choose soft and non-rigid hoses, so that you can easily use and re-organize.

It may be more expensive, but can make the cleaning process becomes more smoothly and not easily damaged (when in use the hose is often stepped on the foot though not accidentally).

7. Wipe the car

It acts as a vehicle dryer from the remnants of water. The price is also cheap, about 10 thousand per sheet. But you should choose a quality that is not to cause scratches on the car paint.

Quality lap, made of fine material and has high suction power against water.

8. Special shampoo

Form of viscous fluid and useful as a media cleaner stains or dirt that we can not clean with snow wash or water. The price is very cheap, just 6 to 10 thousand per liter according to brand and quality.

The best shampoo for car washing is a shampoo that does not contain detergent with PH 7 or balance. Do not choose if there is a silicon content, because it can make the car paint so quickly dull and faded.

Better yet, take advantage of shampoos made from organic or natural such as kaolin clay or carnauba wax.

9. Tire polish

Is the media to beautify the appearance of the car after the washing, especially on the tire. Although it is not an absolute necessity, but car wash business owners still provide it in case there are interested customers. Price is around 30 thousand rupiah per liter.

Polish for car tires consists of several types, but we highly recommend polish-shaped polish that does not contain silicone materials.

Such polish has better ability to maintain elasticity level of tire rubber. Although the luster is less brilliant but environmentally friendly.

Potential business opportunity car wash service

In comparison to other fields, car washing business services do require more capital, especially if you do not have their own land so they have to rent. However, the amount of capital you only spend at the beginning only (to buy the machine).

This machine or car wash can be used for a long time, so no need to spend more in the next few years (still require maintenance costs). While the tools that must always be purchased because it will run out after the use of such as shampoo and tire polish is very low price.

From day to day car users continue to grow, so more and more people who need vehicle wash service. Especially when the rainy season, because the vehicle is easier and dirty quickly.

Although not in the rainy season, car wash service remains in need of the community. Especially during the long holiday season, the car more often in use and tend to be dusty during the activities of leisure and tourism.

Car wash business is a business opportunity that you are very easy to live because there is no need for special skills to do the tasks. The most important thing is our basic understanding of using all tools.

Car wash service business opportunity has good prospect and very feasible to be developed especially in big and middle city. For small towns, still have the potential not less good if the business location is in suburban or suburban areas.

Location and water supply, the most important key to success

Service is friendly and satisfying, and competitive prices are very common in the business world, especially business services. Even a must.

But for car wash business opportunities, there are some issues of major concern, namely the determination and selection of locations and water supply guarantees.

Site selection must be carefully calculated so that the business can grow well and will not stop in the middle of the road. You need to know, consumers or customers do not just choose his car wash, on the basis of service and lower prices.

In addition to being in a strategic area, the location of the car wash service business is located on the main road. We must also make sure that the road that passes when going in and out of the wash should have a size wide enough.

Next, choose a location that is on the roadside, where the road can be passed from 2 directions. If the tracks consist of only one direction, then the potential to get customers in large numbers can be reduced. Everyone feels lazy if you have to rotate or through other lines if the goal just to wash the car alone

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Other considerations you should not forget, namely access to the car turnover after washing, should be made as wide as possible. Also equipped with a large parking area, so that the owner of the vehicle does not get an obstacle when out of the wash.

After all eligible, check whether the location will be used to open a car wash business with enough water supply, as well as with high discharge. Not only that, the quality of the water also participated in carefully by the relevant departments whether it has a certain content and solution that can make paint and car engines so easily damaged.

We also advise, to use the water supply from the soil. Because if you use water supply from PDAM, it will even result in expense of expense that swell. Finally, the waiting room should be as neat and clean as possible, so that customers feel more comfortable when in the place. If necessary, equip with television, magazines, newspapers and readings or other entertainment.

Then, if you want to find additional income from this business, the waiting room we can give a kind of small canteen that provides various foods and soft drinks. For the sake of maximum customer satisfaction, give the food and drinks for free.

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