Carro enters the new car market

Car buying and selling platform, Carro announced their steps to enter the business into the new car market. Carro wants to be here to provide solutions for consumers to get cars, both new and used with digital interactions which are of course technology-based.

Previously, Carro worked on the used car market in Indonesia. However, in 2021, Carro seems to want to maximize opportunities in the new car market. Based on data from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO), domestic sales of new cars in 2021 are predicted to reach 750,000 units.

This estimate comes in view of Indonesia’s economic growth potential, which is predicted to grow by 3% -4%. In addition, GAIKINDO also believes that people’s purchasing power for new cars will gradually improve in 2021 and continue the positive trend at the end of last year.

“The new and used car industries always go hand in hand and complement. With a mission to increase the growth of the automotive industry in Southeast Asia, Carro wants to create a technology-based ecosystem that can make the journey for consumers to get their dream car easier and faster, “said Carro Co-Founder Aditya Lesmana.

Understanding the importance of collaboration to strengthen and develop services, Carro then collaborates with Tokopedia as a strategic partner . This collaboration allows more than 100 million active Tokopedia users to be able to view a collection of certified used cars.

In addition, Tokopedia users can also get flexible financing options. So they can pay online through more than 50 financing options on Tokopedia.

“This collaboration is our ongoing effort to be present and open up various possibilities for the community. One of them is to buy a new or used car from home. We hope that this collaboration can contribute to encouraging economic recovery through online platforms , “concluded David Kartono, AVP of Business Tokopedia.

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