Carsome’s Strategy To Add Customer Experience – Carsome inaugurated their first experience center in Indonesia. This experience center is located in Kebayoran Baru. The presence of this platform is Carsome’s strategy in providing solutions for consumers to buy used cars with better access to information.

This effort was made based on the results of previous company research. Titled Car Purchase Preference , the research found that 70% of respondents tend to want detailed information when buying a used car.

And, around 52% expect the price offered to be transparent without additional hidden costs. Interestingly, 50% of respondents expect the seller to have variations, from car types to brands.

“We only choose cars that have never had a major accident, have no damage to the frame, have not been flooded, and have low kilometers to offer to consumers. This approach is what we call Carsome Certified, ”said Delly Nugraha, Country Head for Carsome Indonesia.

At the Carsome Experience Center, buyers can see the condition of the car directly served by a team of professional consultants. Carsome will also inform consumers of all inspection results and minimal damage.


Apart from providing on-site car sales services , the Carsome Experience Center also provides car trade-in or trade-in services . Consumers only need to bring the car they want to sell to Carsome. Furthermore, the inspection team will check the condition of the car for 30 minutes.

After the inspection is complete, Carsome will immediately provide a fair and transparent selling price . Consumers can also discuss with the Carsome team to exchange the car they want to sell.

Although currently only present in Jakarta, Carsome plans to build other experience centers in several places in the Jabodetabek area. Carsome believes that a transparent, reliable and comfortable experience in buying used cars is crucial for consumers.

text-color has-background">On the other hand, this experience center can be Carsome’s strategy in building closeness with their customers. Not to mention, there they can do a more personalized service.

In this way, it is not impossible that the engagement between Carsome and customers can be maintained. Likewise, if Carsome wants to maintain retention or want to acquire new customers.

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