2020 will be a challenging year for many industries. The uninvited pandemic has changed work activities and business operations so that they must be carried out remotely .

Companies large and small are flocking to digital transformation. For those who started before the pandemic, they are accelerating various operations towards digital. Seeing this phenomenon, Google then launched the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region in Jakarta, six months ago.

“We are seeing strong momentum as more companies from various industries are turning to Google Cloud. This platform is to help transform the company’s operations into the digital realm, ”said Megawaty Khie, Country Director of Google Cloud Indonesia.

PT Blue Bird Tbk (Blue Bird) is a Google Cloud customer who is undergoing a digital transformation. And, recently launched the fifth generation multi product, multi channel, and multi payment platform , namely the MyBlueBird application with Google Cloud.

Blue Bird is migrating their System Application and Product in Data Processing (SAP) workload to Google Cloud. So, they can optimize the company’s IT resources while building their own local infrastructure to innovate in the future.

SAP is a software based on Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP). This software is used as a tool to help company management, planning, and operations to become more effective and efficient.

“The way each company responds to challenges and opportunities will determine its relevance in the future. Those who embrace change without caring about inconveniences and welcome opportunities can be stronger than ever, ”said Megawaty.

On the other hand, the challenges facing many companies today are unprecedented. However, Google is currently providing a local cloud platform for their customers in Indonesia to take advantage of in order to build a more resilient future.

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