Uqwo – Coffeenatics Develops Business and Adds Value , Tokopedia’s Hyperlocal initiative seems to continue to show impressive results in various regions. North Sumatra is no exception. This e-commerce platform which is identical to the green color also reveals a number of categories that attract consumers’ interest.

And, from the list of categories, Food and Beverage is known to have the highest increase in transactions in North Sumatra. This increase certainly has a positive impact on micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who use the Tokopedia platform to sell, one of which is Coffeenatics.

Local SMEs in various regions, such as Coffeenatics, now have the same opportunity to continue to rise and grow. So they no longer need to move to the capital to become champions,” said Ivander Wijaya, senior lead regional growth expansion at Tokopedia.

Departing from the desire to introduce various types of local coffee beans. Harris Hartanto Tan and his partner Norita Chai opened a Coffeenatics cafe in Medan which serves specialty coffee in 2015. Harris has also intensified online sales through Tokopedia.

“Tokopedia really helped us in adapting especially during the beginning of the pandemic. Throughout 2021, the increase in Coffeenatics transactions will reach 350% compared to 2020. Our reach is even wider, even as far as Papua,” said Harris.

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Coffeenatics also regularly participates in a series of programs presented by Tokopedia, including Indonesia Shopping Time (WIB), Preferred Store Collection (KTP), #SatudalamKopi to offline activities presented online by Tokopedia, such as Jakarta Coffee Week 2020.

It doesn’t stop there, Coffeenatics also encourages the growth and development of local coffee farmers through field adoption programs that have been implemented in several areas, including Aceh, Simalungun, Karo to Kintamani in Bali. In fact, Coffeenatics also supports the preservation of the primate habitat of the black gibbon or siamang through the sale of ‘Siamang Forest’ coffee.

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    “Hopefully we can encourage local coffee farmers to become more prosperous so that they can continue to grow in their own country. We invite more people to dare to do business, as well as become a provider of quality coffee that can make Indonesia proud,” said Harris.

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