Comforta Receives Award from Nielsen Company

The Comforta brand in mattress products received an award from the Nielsen Company as the 2021 Superbrands in its category. This award is based on a survey that took place in 90 countries over 27 years to measure the strength and value of brands in each product and service category in each country. In Indonesia, this survey was conducted in six major cities.

Since its inauguration in 2004, Superbrands has been active in providing guidance and encouraging brands to continue to innovate. The selected brands have gone through the research and official approval stages for the best guarantee for Indonesian consumers through the Nielsen Company survey agency, which has operations in more than 100 countries.

“Thank you to the Indonesian people who have used Comforta a lot. We continue to innovate to increase the satisfaction and trust of Indonesian families,” said Jeffri Massie, President Director of Massindo Group.

There are five criteria as a condition for a brand to get Superbrands statusFirst , market dominance, Comforta proved to have a significant market share in its class. Second , the durability where Comforta has the strength to withstand challenging market situations. Third , Goodwill, in this case the Comforta brand has a perception that is favored and well received by consumers.

Fourth , customer loyalty by seeing consumers who have used Comforta want to buy Comforta again compared to other brands. Lastly, market acceptance, Comforta is an important part of life in its market segment and is the most remembered brand in the mattress category.

Even though it has received the Superbrands award, Comforta continues to innovate. Along with this award, Comforta released the latest innovation by launching 16 new products with a more elegant design and equipped with the Nano Shield Anti Virus Protection Technology feature .

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“This latest innovation allows Comforta mattress users to sleep more safely and comfortably, especially when the pandemic is still sweeping the world. The new Comforta collection is available to the public starting November 1, 2021 in Jakarta and Surabaya. Then, gradually it will be in big cities throughout Indonesia,” concluded Jeffri.

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