undercover.co.id – Connecterra Digitization Startup, Technology to Help Cattle Breeders , In dairy farming, health is also very important. With current technological advances, cattle breeders have begun to use this technology.

Digital technology to be able to get various real time data to get more optimal production. This is where the Startup Connecterra Digitasi which was founded by Yasir Khokhar began to appear for cattle breeders.

When farmers use digitization technology, they are expected to know the direct impact of several important factors such as weather, climatic conditions and also feed. Can also monitor the ability to be able to detect the time of giving birth to livestock.

This Connecterra startup is based in the Netherlands. This technology creates an artificial intelligence that can help farmers or dairy producers when they want to monitor the health of their livestock.

This technology is a dairy assistant that has been supported by AI and IDA. This sensor tool will be placed on the cow’s collar which will later be combined with various data sources. This is done to be able to make warnings that can be followed up by farmers such as about their health, heat and others.

The IDA System is Embedded in this Connecterra Digitization Technology.

This system is believed to be able to understand the various histories and contexts of each cattle. This system is considered capable of analyzing and diagnosing cattle so that it can make it easier for farmers to monitor them.

So producers can quickly find out various things related to their livestock in the form of diseases or other things quickly rather than having to do it manually. The more feedback the IDA system receives, the smarter it will be to diagnose it.

This technology is known for its fairly complex algorithms to be able to process various data. All of this will later be presented to producers which is quite easy to understand and also act on in an application.

The Connecterra Digitization startup has spread across 14 countries, including the United States. This will allow IDA to be able to send various real updates that can be directly delivered to producers via SMS notifications as well as notifications through the application so that producers can immediately follow up.

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Connecterra Digitization Startup

So far, the breeders may have had a little difficulty in monitoring the herd of cows. That’s why Yasir Khokhar created an idea to create a technology in the Animal Husbandry Sector. Connecterra Digitization technology in its application can be used to directly monitor the herd of cows even when the cows are in the meadow.

Conneterra has been tested on 2 cattle farms in European countries. Cows that use Connecterra technology can be diagnosed more quickly than cattle that do not use this technology.

Not only can it speed up recovery time, but cattle that have been diagnosed using Connecterra technology also really need 50% less antibiotic content than those that don’t use it.

The application of Connecterra Digitization technology has also succeeded in accelerating and drastically increasing dairy milk production. This trial was also carried out in East African countries where milk production was seen to be very important to overcome malnutrition.

The Connecterra Digitization technology is very helpful for farmers because they can quickly find out if a cow is injured so that it can be handled quickly, effectively and efficiently. If the handling is fast then everything can be handled immediately.

Digital Live Control of Cattle

Because the health of livestock, one of which is a cow, is very important for breeders. So the presence of Startup Connecterra Digitasi really helps them in controlling the health of their cattle. This technology can be used directly in real time so that it looks more efficient and also makes milk production more optimal.

Connecterra Digitation technology that uses IDA technology is very understanding of the history and context of each cattle. If the livestock is experiencing a health problem, this tool will immediately analyze it and also help the producer to deal with it.

This technology is able to detect various diseases that attack cattle up to 2 days or more before the farmer recognizes that there is a problem in his livestock. IDA technology allows for sending actionable data updates to manufacturers via in-app SMS.

So far, raising cattle is still the prima donna of business in the livestock sector. Not only is the cost quite affordable, it is also easy to maintain. But, without a touch of technology, all of that would not face a significant increase. Mer Connecterra platform

is an example of modern technology created to help cattle farmers.

Not only startups, but livestock technology which includes artificial insemination and embryo transfer, can also be GMO, BST hormone administration, and also nuclear transplantation. If cattle breeders want to practice the use of biotechnology, their welfare can improve. In addition,

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Connecterra Digitization Startup

Cattle Farmers will get the following benefits.

  1. Accelerate the Increase in Livestock Production

Normally, a mother cow gives birth to 1 chick in one period. After the puppies are 5 months old, their parents can be mated. That is, it takes approximately 10 more months to mate the female cow with a male. Well, this problem can be overcome with technology in the form of Artificial Insemination (IB). The birth rate can be doubled.

  1. Minimize the Formation of Genetic Quality Depreciation

Calves that come from the last generation, often face quality decline. Starting from performance, physical strength, to production. However, with this technology, the genetic quality can be improved. Moreover, it could be created a new species of higher quality.

  1. Wider Consumer Reach

It is undeniable that most citizens tend to follow the growth of technology, one of which is the internet. Almost all of them are proficient in operating various applications. Therefore, the arrival of online livestock startups is very helpful for farmers in creating the right consumers. Not only that, the location range is also wider throughout the archipelago.

  1. Breeders Easily Get Investors

So far, many cattle farmers are unable to increase their business due to lack of capital. However, with the presence of this technology, it is easier for farmers to get investors. As long as you have the expertise and qualified background, of course many investors are interested in investing their capital.

  1. Cattle Farmers Get the Latest Data

Currently, almost all data is informed via the internet. Moreover, there are not a few online media that present the latest news about animal husbandry. If cattle breeders are able to understand this technology, lagging can be overcome. Thus, his farm is also facing significant progress.

These are some of the benefits of modern technology to help cattle farmers. Indeed, success is not only measured by the number of cattle owned, but also the ability to keep up with the times.

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This is about the presence of Startup Connecterra Digitasi which has started to help farmers a lot. Farmers can easily monitor everything about their livestock, one of which is livestock health problems. This technology presents data in real time so that it can directly monitor the condition of cattle. Hopefully it’s useful

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