Continuous Innovation – Continuous Innovation , In today’s world, technology is an important foundation for any marketing campaign. This innovation can help brands create sustainable growth. Marketers must have an innovation mindset.

Innovation is a demand for every brand if it wants to maintain its existence. Innovation makes a brand different, unique, and continues to grow.

In the findings of the YouTube Works Awards SEA 2023, consumer behaviour changes beyond product preferences. The journey of a consumer from knowing a brand to becoming a consumer has also changed. Therefore, innovation is the best way for brands to win consumers’ hearts.

Brands must be more creative in concocting ways to reach consumers. Whether with new content, unique content formats, or the type of platform used. The further a brand is from innovation, the further it will be from its consumers.

And innovation is also inseparable from technological developments. Marketers can no longer be clueless, considering that technology is now an important part of social life. No wonder, Harvard Business Review calls the current era the Age of Continuous Connections.

This is because many brands have relied on technology in each of their business activities. Many brands are starting to utilise technology to create a more personalised approach that builds more intimate relationships. Starting from the application of social media to artificial intelligence called AI.

Artificial intelligence is now increasingly popular. Starting from generative AI that is able to produce content ranging from text, images, to audio visuals. Furthermore, predictive, which is able to produce data analysis, present important findings, and be able to help brands in decision making.

AI’s ability to analyse will help brands with a wide reach when married with media platforms. Brands must also remain efficient in innovating by using large media platform channels. One of them, YouTube

YouTube is already recognised as a video platform with billions of users and the widest reach. Using YouTube has become an obligation for brands to show their presence. Kantar in its research entitled Media Reactions 2023: Braving the Battleground spent YouTube as the No.1 Preferred Media Channel, aka the most preferred media among marketers.

Continuous Innovation
Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

Being part of YouTube, Shorts has also proven its worth as a channel for marketers, especially in Southeast Asia. The average viewership of Shorts in Southeast Asia rose 130% year-on-year based on YouTube’s internal data as of July 2023. Meanwhile, YouTube Shorts globally has a daily audience of 70 billion, based on internal YouTube data as of June 2023.

Additionally, in Asia Pacific, brands that rely on YouTube as their primary channel outperform brands that rely on television channels. Research from Nielsen compared the return on investment (ROI) for brands with these two different mecca. As a result, brands that rely on YouTube have five times greater ROI, eleven times greater media effectiveness, and even 34 times greater total sales.

That’s what marketers call The YouTube Factor. Moreover, YouTube itself is powered by AI solutions that can double coverage and reach. Utilising The YouTube Factor and its AI technology, marketers can increase their ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) effectiveness by up to 271%.

The 271% figure is the result of NCS Sales Lift Meta Analysis on 280 campaigns on Google, 13 overall video campaigns on YouTube including video campaigns using AI, and 267 YouTube Channel Baseline.

Kantar’s research reveals that 55% of global consumers and 66% of marketers have a positive view of the AI opportunity. Although still in its infancy, there will undoubtedly be an increased adoption of AI in marketing strategies in the coming year. AI gives marketers more access and insight into how campaigns should be executed

AI also presents the opportunity to personalise more content to integrate seamlessly. For advertisers, optimisation can be achieved by leveraging the predictive nature of AI to create content at scale and optimise performance in many ways. However, there is still a need for human intervention to ensure quality and authentic content.

For brands and advertisers, the biggest appeal of AI is its ability to be fully effective in the sales funnel. Effectiveness at the top of the funnel comes from the ability to deliver content at the right time, place and format, enabling broad reach and effective storytelling. It also enables bottomline efficiency through the ability to build content at scale and speed, ultimately cutting production costs and addressing resource constraints. (Chart 1)

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    However, there is still a need for deeper education on the benefits of AI and how brands can use it. There are still many people who are sceptical about AI and anxious about how it could impact the industry. Meanwhile, many others understand the positive impact it can have, when paired with human expertise.

    PT Bank Central Asia Tbk is one company that is able to utilise AI efficiently in its campaign videos. BCA became the first company to utilise AI solutions for a YouTube campaign entitled #TibaTibaTenang during Ramadan 2023. The use of AI for the campaign is the reason why the #TibaTibaTenang campaign video was awarded the YouTube Works Awards SEA 2023 in the Fostering Growth, Innovation Matters category.

    Norisa Saifuddin, Senior Vice President of PT Bank Central Asia proved the multiplier effect of The YouTube Factor in the company’s campaign video. Products highlighted in the #TibaTibaTenang campaign video experienced a year-onyear surge in transactions. BCA’s QRIS transactions increased by 210% compared to the previous year’s Ramadan period. Zakat payments also increased by 600% thanks to the AI-assisted campaign video.

    The utilisation of AI is one of the vital drivers in achieving campaign effectiveness. However, in line with Kantar’s research, human intervention is still needed in the campaign creation process. The human touch through brand storytelling is why BCA’s campaigns are more effective.

    “Ramadan has always been an important moment for our customers and us. #TibaTibaTenang Ramadan had extremely high engagement because of the good collaboration with Christine Hakim,” Norisa said.

    AI solutions in YouTube also help the company in packaging more personalised content. The selection of Ramadan momentum and determination of content duration becomes more precise with the help of AI solutions from YouTube. YouTube with its wide reach makes this platform able to reach a wider range of consumers. The AI solution in it can also make campaign videos feel personalised to each individual.

    Not only through landscape and Shorts video formats, BCA also ran the campaign in a portrait video format with a shorter duration. Not to mention the selection of Christine Hakim, who became the talk of social media again due to her appearance in The Last of Us film series, helped boost the company’s video campaign. Christine Hakim’s position as an artist born in the baby boomers era and her appearance in The Last of Us, which is widely watched by Gen Z and Millennials, reinforces her relevance to generations in every era.

    The use of AI solutions in the company’s campaign videos on YouTube solves a common problem for advertisers. Norisa understands that in today’s world, capturing customers’ attention through content is very difficult. She said that the “tsunami” of content that has occurred in the current era has made the customer journey more difficult. The process from consumer awareness to conversion to sales is not as simple as it used to be.

    That’s why companies believe that AI can help solve these problems. Manually finding differentiation is certainly possible. However, optimising that differentiation into content that engages consumers is the key to a successful BCA video campaign.

    “As advertisers, we need to realise that what we need is the attention of the public or customers. The way we deliver the content has to be explored. So that we know the essentials of consumer pain points. How to deliver it has to be packaged differently, because we want to get the customer’s attention,” said Norisa.

    We as advertisers need to be self-aware that what we need is the attention of the public or customers.
    Norisa Saifuddin
    Senior Vice President Marketing Communication PT Bank Central Asia Tbk

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