Crafting Viral and Engaging Content – Crafting Viral and Engaging Content , Powerful content contains elements of feelings, facts, fun, values, imagination, and action. How to put it into practice?

In the vast sea of digital information, making content go viral is like finding a hidden treasure. In this article, Aisensum will share the pioneering work of Brendan Kane who has analysed over 1.5 million pieces of creative content and created The Hook Point Guide to Going Viral. His proposed magic formula consists of six elements, namely feelings, facts, fun, value, imagination, and action.

Viral content is like a compelling story from various threads of human experience. In this article, we uncover the essential elements that make content truly go viral.

Feelings (30%) serve as an emotional backdrop that resonates with the audience. These are the feelings of laughter, tears, and moments that make the content more relatable and unforgettable.

Facts (25%) act as the foundation, the pillars of credibility that deliver the narrative in the content. Facts provide substance and reliability that ensure the audience believes in what is being shared.

Fun (20%) brings excitement, humour and entertainment. These are elements that keep the audience engaged and coming back, like a catchy tune in a favourite story.

Values (10%) reflects the morals of the content, highlighting what message the brand stands for. These are principles that connect with those who share beliefs and ideals.

Imagination (20%) adds a touch of creativity and innovation. It fuels curiosity and wonder, taking the audience to new and exciting worlds within the narrative.

Action (5%) is a call or invitation to engage and participate. This is the element that empowers the audience to go to the next step, including like, share, subscribe, or make a purchase.

Crafting Viral and Engaging Content

A Viral Journey

To bring these storytelling elements to life, let’s take a deeper look into the real world of Uniqlo Arigato Indonesia. Uniqlo Arigato Indonesia’s creative content strategy is a symphonic unit of emotions, values, actions, facts, fun, and imagination.

Feelings (30%) – Thank you for making Uniqlo part of your life – form the emotional core, as Uniqlo Arigato Indonesia aims to connect with its audience on a very personal level.

Values (20%) – Always Be My First Choice – being a guide that shows Uniqlo Indonesia’s commitment to being more than just a brand, but part of the audience’s lives.

Action (15%) – Get Special Deals – is the trigger for audiences to step into the next stage of their engagement with Uniqlo Arigato Indonesia.

Facts (5%) provide a foundation of trust, ensuring that audiences can rely on the information presented.

Fun (5%) and Imagination (5%) add a creative touch, making the content not only informative but also visually appealing and enticing.

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    This story is a testament to the power of storytelling and the strategic blending of Brendan Kane’s elements. It is a journey into the heart of content creation, where Uniqlo Arigato Indonesia’s narrative captivates and engages its audience, leaving a memorable impact in the digital world. The Uniqlo Indonesia story is a testament to the power of understanding and utilising the Brendan Kane formula. The goal, to create a story that not only captures but also becomes part of the online success and converts audiences across Indonesia.

    Many brands often ask how content can go viral. Aisensum believes that by using the Brendan Kane formula, all brands can understand what the elements of virality are. By using these elements, brands can create compelling stories that resonate with their target audience.

    The story of Uniqlo Arigato Indonesia proves that with the right formula, anyone can write content that not only grabs attention but also weaves itself into the thread of online success and converts audiences across Indonesia. Would you refuse to go viral and get more engagement and sales?

    “The magic formula he proposed consists of six elements, namely feelings, facts, fun, value, imagination, and action.”

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