Bandung Advertiser – Cupola Braga Take a Peek at a Hidden Hangout Place in Bandung , Cafe is now a place frequented by young people.

Hanging out with friends has become a mandatory play activity for young people and their friends.

Determining the most comfortable place for them to hangout together is one of the things that must be done so that they are not confused about where to go.

For this reason, many young people try various places, whether it’s a cafe or coffee shop, in order to find the most suitable place to hang out with friends.

The uniqueness, comfort, and deliciousness of the food are usually the most important factors to be used as indicators for these young people to be confident in choosing the right place.

There are many other criteria that these young people use as indicators, some of which are the location which is not too far away, the price is pocket-friendly, and many more.

In the following, we will review about one of the cafes that is used as a suitable place for some young people in Bandung to hang out.

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Cupola Braga

Hidden Gems in Bandung

Recently, many young people often use the term “Hidden Gem”. Actually this term itself originally means “Hidden Gem”.

But now the meaning of Hidden Gem is a term for a place, whether it’s a tourist spot, cafe, restaurant, or coffee shop that is quite hidden and not known to many people.

To be called a Hidden Gem today, you even have to fulfill several conditions, this is because now everything is completely exposed on social media.

The conditions include the entrance which is quite difficult to access. Then the next condition is not yet known to many people, usually the name of the place is not written out too much.

The next condition is that the food served is quite simple but delicious, this condition applies to places to eat, cafes, or coffee shops. Usually there is a special reluctance for young people who manage to find the Hidden Gem and then recommend it to their friends.

One of the hidden gem cafes in Bandung is Cupola Braga. This cafe meets the requirements to be considered as one of the Hidden Gem cafes,

the conditions that are met are difficult access roads, not many people know about, and the food is quite delicious.

This cafe provokes the curiosity of young people in Bandung to try it. Of course, there is a special feeling when you visit this newest cafe in Bandung.

The following will be reviewed in more detail about one of the hidden gems in Bandung, namely Cafe Cupola Braga.

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Cupola Braga

Cupola Braga’s Hidden Locations

For the address itself, Cupola Braga is located at Jalan Braga No. 43, Braga, Sumur Bandung District, Bandung City, West Java. For the people of Bandung, of course, they already know that Barang Street is a busy street, even though there is a hidden gem that not many people know about.

If from the center of Bandung, the location of this cafe is very close. The distance is only about 750 m if visitors are from Bandung City Square, then they can go to the T-junction near Maison Teraskita Hotel Bandung,

turn right until they find a forked road. then turn right and keep following the road until you meet an intersection on Jalan Braga, turn left and find Risa’s Journal coffee.

If you are already on Jalan Braga, you will see many shops lined up, one of which is Risa Journal Coffee. Near Risa’s Journal Coffee is the entrance to Cupola Braga,

beside Risa’s Journal coffee there is a door with a red frame. To be able to enter, you must first scan the barcode first, then enter the door and you will pass through a fairly long hallway.

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Cupola Braga

Cupola Braga Attraction

In addition to its hidden gem, this cafe also has a quite unique interior. Located in the heart of Bandung City, but the outdoor space is quite spacious and comfortable.

There is a terraced seat with small black stones as the floor, and there are enough trees to make the view comfortable and beautiful.

In the hallway before entering Cupola Braga, visitors will be greeted with wall decorations shaped like small, colorful mushrooms.

At the end of the hall, you will immediately be greeted with an outdoor room that is quite comfortable with lots of trees. The atmosphere on Jalan Braga will be immediately replaced with a comfortable atmosphere at Cupola Braga.

In the outdoor room there are also vines along the walls with aesthetic garden lights. There is also an elongated seat for customers to chat and chat.

If you are worried that it will rain, you can enjoy the outside atmosphere by choosing a seat on the 2nd floor, made with an open concept so that visitors can see the view below and the view of the outdoor room.

For the indoor room itself, it is quite aesthetic with unique lighting decorations. The walls are made in two colors, namely at

axle is white and the bottom is gray with an abstract motif. The door design is also quite unique, namely with the curved shape of the top. There are large cactus plant decorations in several corners of the room.

If you observe the architecture of the building, it is like an ancient building, with wooden pillars that are still maintained with an aesthetic stone front floor.

For the outdoor floor, small black stones are given which are quite beautiful. This concept is quite unique, because there are not many cafes like it.

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Cupola Braga

How to order at Cupola Braga

After exiting the hallway, visitors will be immediately greeted by the Outdoor Cupola Braga room, where they can go directly to the bar, which is on the left and can directly order dishes.

At Cupola Braga there is no printed menu list as usual, but visitors have to scan the barcode to see the menu list.

The menu list provided is quite complete, starting from the Classic Coffee, Signature, Mocktails, Beverages, Artisan Tea, Iced Coffee Milk, Single Origin, Meals, Pasta, Light Meals, to Pastry & Bakery categories.

There are various choices of sweet foods such as donuts and croissants which are very suitable to be enjoyed with coffee drinks.

After ordering food, visitors will get a small device that will sound when the order is ready.

Visitors can immediately take orders when the device is ringing. Visitors can choose the seat they want, whether in the Indoor room near the bar, in the Outdoor room, or also on the second floor.

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    While hanging out, doing assignments, completing work, or also enjoying food, visitors can hunt for aesthetic photos.

    With a unique building concept and comfortable atmosphere, it is a suitable place to be immortalized and shared on social media.

    That’s a complete review of one of the Hidden Gem cafes in Bandung. A hidden place with a unique concept and delicious food, it is enough to qualify for Cafe Cupola Braga to be called a Hidden Gem.

    If you want to know how the portraits of this cafe look like, you can see it on the instagram account.

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