Wings Group, through Wings Care, introduced the latest packaging of DAIA detergent with Hygienic Clean Formula and 7 advantages in each variant. DAIA also provides education and tips to Indonesian families, especially housewives, to maintain a positive mood in the #OriginalHebatnya Daia campaign.

Anastasia Pamela, Marketing Manager of DAIA (Wings Group Indonesia) said that while staying at home, it will certainly affect the mood of Mother and family members, especially due to limited entertainment and activity restrictions. Parents, especially mothers, have an extraordinary challenge how to maintain the mood of themselves and their families in the midst of all the changes that occur.

“DAIA, which to this day is still the market leader for the powdered detergent category, takes part in revitalizing and keeping your mother’s mood positive even though she has to play various roles in the family,” said Pamela.

According to a number of studies, including that of Constance Hart, an expert in Color Therapy , colors and scents can affect mood, emotions and even health. Bright colors tend to make us more positive and vibrant, and so do fragrances. For this reason, it is important to maintain appearance in order to increase the mood to be positive even though we are busy working or taking care of the household with bright and fragrant clothes.

Sia continued, DAIA is available in five variants according to our washing needs, including Floral Blossom, Fresh Lemon, White, Romantic Pink and Violet Passion. In addition, DAIA uses a Hygienic Clean Formula and is equipped with anti-musty odor technology and uses a new fragrant perfume whose fragrance can last up to 7 days.

This new innovation aims to provide a fun washing experience for mothers. Because, washing clothes with DAIA can be more fun because it cleans quickly in 30 seconds, the foam is abundant, it doesn’t get hot in the hands, the fragrance lasts up to 7 days, the color stays bright, and it dissolves easily and doesn’t leave detergent marks on clothes.

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What’s more, the new DAIA is our commitment to always give the best in being a support system for mothers in creating a happy family. With clean, fragrant, fresh family clothes , and bright colors, families can be more excited with a positive mood in carrying out their activities. You don’t have to worry about laundry, because DAIA with its 7 abilities is able to solve all laundry problems, so you have plenty of time for your family,” added Pamela.

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