DANA Sets New Record with 100 Million Users

UQWO – DANA Sets New Record with 100 Million Users , DANA set a new record by successfully reaching 100 million users from all over Indonesia. This achievement continues the positive performance of the digital wallet made by the nation’s children in 2021.

Previously, the growth in the number of their users was recorded at 90% which was also a milestone since it was officially launched at the end of 2018. This achievement seems to be the result of the efforts and commitment of DANA to continue to encourage inclusive digital finance.

This is what DANA strives to do through various solutions offered to enable financial transactions to be carried out digitally. This technology company continues to strive to educate the public for safe, easy, and comfortable financial activities.

‚ÄúThis achievement also signifies the increasing acceptance of the community towards financial technology and digital wallets as a solution to fulfill daily needs, ranging from entertainment to long-term investments. This achievement is also a positive indicator towards Indonesian people who are smarter in digital finance and able to empower the nation’s economy,” said DANA CEO Vincent Iswara.

To continue to develop the digital economy ecosystem in Indonesia, DANA continues to be committed to accommodating the various needs of the community. Therefore, the company does not close itself off to innovate and update features that are often done by collaborating.

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Various parties, ranging from inline to cross-sector industries as well as local governments are involved in developing DANA services.

Based on DANA’s monitoring, every day an average of seven million transactions occur through digital wallets spread throughout Indonesia to fulfill various needs, activities, and entertainment of the community. DANA also sees that users are now more familiar with the use of QRIS with more than 31 million transactions last year.

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    Meanwhile, from the SME side, DANA has accumulatively driven more than 400,000 SMEs that do business digitally. One of them, by utilizing business FUNDS.

    Not only focus on users from the consumer side only. DANA continues to grow and seeks to answer the needs of the community who attend from various sides. It seems that that is one of the factors driving the increase in users of this digital wallet to reach 100 million users.

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