Develop Culinary Business in the Digital Age – Culinary Business in the Digital Age , Currently the term culinary is not just food and cuisine. In this digitalization era, the term culinary has the meaning of expansion.

From activities that were originally just cooking and enjoying food, it has become a word that is closely related to business, lifestyle, trends to amazing creativity and innovation in processing and serving food.

The presence of digital technology creates many opportunities for culinary businesses, for example through social media which has the potential to market and even sell products effectively compared to physical or offline advertising marketing.

Therefore, another ability that is important and must be possessed by any business person including the culinary business is the skill of mastering technology.

image size-full">Culinary Business in the Digital Age
Culinary Business in the Digital Age

How to Develop a Culinary Business in the Digital Age

The culinary business is often considered promising by many people. This is because food is a basic human need that has various types. In addition, the capital required is quite flexible, so it can be started with affordable capital for small scale. But even so, to run a culinary business so that it continues to grow is not an easy thing.

There are several challenges that will be faced such as attracting customers, choosing a location to competing with other existing restaurants. Therefore, we need a way to start and develop a culinary business in the digital era.

  1. Make sure it’s delicious
    The first thing to pay attention to is the taste of the food products sold are delicious. This delicious taste is not only based on the seller’s assessment, but must also be based on the judgment of others. You can do this by making food, then giving it to a food tester to assess the food. In addition, it is also possible to compare food products made with similar and existing products for honest review. If the assessment is good, then you can sell the product, over time the taste of this food can be improved.
  2. Location Selection
    Location has an important role in marketing the product to be sold. Often culinary business people are faced with cheaper rental prices, but the location is not strategic. Although it is a place where many people pass, it is not the center of the crowd and it is not a place for people to gather. Building a crowd is not an easy thing and to be able to gather a lot of people or the crowd is built over a long period of time even years. Meanwhile, if the chosen place is strategic and already crowded, then this is a profitable thing because it is one part of the promotion. With a crowded place, the product will quickly be known by many people. Therefore, choose a location that is strategic and in a state of crowded people.
  3. Place Design
    In designing a place for a culinary business, it should be made comfortable and with a contemporary concept, especially young people today are often attracted to things that are instagramable. Combined with the typical menus of the products sold, so that it is not only delicious on the tongue but also pleasing to the eye. So that it will attract interest so that people come directly to the place of business, and help promote if they upload photos or videos on their social media.
image size-full">Culinary Business in the Digital Age
Culinary Business in the Digital Age
  1. Name, Logo and Packaging
    The next important thing is the selection of names, logos and packaging that must attract interest and attention. Use an attractive name so that consumers can easily find and find your product. To make it look more professional and serious, create an attractive logo. In addition, packaging that functions to protect the product also needs to be considered. So that the packaging can distinguish products that are made differently from similar products that already exist and beautify the product so that people want to buy.
  2. Create Product Photos and Videos
    The marketing model in this digital era is of course different from the old marketing model, currently you can take advantage of social media platforms. However, before choosing the platform to be used for marketing, prepare the content. For example, through photos and videos that will be uploaded on social media platforms. Use a qualified smartphone, natural lighting, and relevant backgrounds or can also use lighting when taking maximum photos and videos. Make videos and images that are attractive and tailored to the platform chosen to market the product. You can create the content yourself or use professional services so that you just focus on the sales strategy.
  3. Delivery Service
    Register food products in online food delivery apps. These delivery service applications such as Go-Food, Grab-Food. With this delivery service, the products sold have a broad reach to people in the closest location to you or people who are looking for food for them to buy. Therefore, make sure your food products are in the application. Buyers simply move their finger across the smartphone screen to select and order the desired menu. Then wait for the food to be delivered to the house without having to queue to be served at the restaurant.
  1. Sell on Marketplace
    Marketplace can also be used for marketing and even selling culinary businesses. However, first make sure the food products being sold do have a long shelf life if you want to reach out of town or even outside the island. These marketplace places, for example, amazon , The culinary business can thrive because millions of people’s eyes see the marketplace application every month. In addition, you can also follow the promos provided by the marketplace application so that the sales generated will increase.
  2. Marketing on Social Media
    Various kinds of social media exist with each user not small. Now, various social media such as Facebook and Instagram are used to market and even sell food products. Therefore, people have almost unlimited culinary choices, because not only those that are close to where they live but also far away. Use the selected social media to introduce the product with attractive images, videos, and words consistently until the product sells.

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  1. Endorsement Services from Influencers
    Another way to develop a culinary business is to use endorsement services. By utilizing people who are popular and have many followers on social media, the product will be reviewed by influencers. So it is very possible that his followers will buy the food products that are sold.
  2. Testimonials
    It is important to ask for testimonials from customers who have purchased the products being sold. The more testimonials, the more satisfied customers. This will help potential buyers to feel confident about buying the product being sold.
    Those are some ways to develop a culinary business in the digital era. Even though the promotions used utilize digital media, make sure to always be friendly to customers. For example, when they ask questions about the products being sold, continue to serve them wholeheartedly.

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