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Coinciding with the 33rd anniversary which falls on April 5, 2021, Lintasarta Digischool again opens a scholarship program for students or vocational graduates who are interested in the world of programming, especially Android Developers and Front-End Web Developers . This scholarship program is the second time after a similar scholarship program was held in 2020.

“The Lintasarta Digischool Scholarship Program is part of Lintasarta’s CSR activities at Pilar Pintar. This program is to support Indonesia’s young generation who are so enthusiastic about developing their capabilities in the digital field and supporting the government in accelerating the digital economy in Indonesia,” said Lintasarta President Director Arya Damar.

Arya continued, this year’s CSR Scholarship program was more focused on participants affected by COVID-19. For participants affected by COVID-19, participants with progress status, and participants with the best ratings will be prioritized to get advanced scholarships to the middle class and experts according to the specialization that has been chosen at the beginning.

Meanwhile, policy differences also occur in this year’s scholarship program. In particular, the maximum age limit for participants in 2020 is 29 years and this year, the maximum age for participants is 34 years. This resulted in a surge in registrants which reached 17,216 people, this figure far exceeded Lintasarta’s target which only targeted 3,300 registrants with Machine Learning Developers and Back-End Developers.

“The age determination is still considered to be in the category of the younger generation and the age group of early workers. As a result, applicants for the Lintasarta Digischool 2021 scholarship program have increased significantly, almost three times the total applicants last year,” concluded Arya.

To facilitate scholarship participants, Lintasarta collaborates with Dicoding which provides modules on Machine Learning and Back-End Developer. This year’s learning activities were also conducted online so that it made participants more flexible to complete the material. Even so, Lintasarta still provides a learning deadline of May 31, 2021 for the beginner class.

As of June 4, 2021, Lintasarta and Dicoding have released a list of 550 people who have successfully received advanced learning scholarships in this program, consisting of 250 people for the middle class Machine Learning Developer and 300 people for the middle class Back-End Developer .

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Arya hopes that through this scholarship program, young people who are technology literate can be born. More than that, the company wants to make Indonesia the country with the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia.

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