Digital Marketing For Hotel Business – Benefits and Tips for Selling Via Digital Marketing For Hotel Business , The hotel industry is often recognized as the industry that understands customer service best.

Therefore, not only have the mindset of an entrepreneur, when you decide to do hotelo business you must be someone who likes to naturally serve others. This can be one way for your hotel business to grow.

Must-have qualities in a hotel business

Even if you don’t interact directly with your guests, your attitude can be reflected through your management to your employees. A successful hotel has special qualities that are owned, including the following.Desire to serve

The need to please guests

Good leadership skills


Hard work

Physically and mentally healthy

Ability to handle work

Digital Marketing For Hotel Business

How to Build a Hotel Business

Market Research and Target Market

Before you plan a hotel business to be presented to investors for funding, then you can do market research and your target market.

This market research will make up most of the work that needs to be done, before you can start thinking about other things like the hotel and actual operations. Also, it is important to have a deep understanding of your main target market.

You can’t start a new hotel without first knowing what your market wants. You also can’t create a great guest experience if you plan to just cater to all needs, as the needs of each target market are different.

Make a Plan

In starting a hotel business a detailed business plan is your foundation. Not only determines the success of your hotel and its launch, but also eliminates time wastage.

If you don’t have a hotel business plan, then you won’t know what to do, and you’ll find your hotel business is constantly falling behind. Also, without a hotel business plan, no one will fund your idea or invest in it.

Take the time to visualize what your dream hotel will look like, do market research, determine your target market and where your hotel will be built. After you have the plan, then you can present it to investors so that they can fund the hotel idea that you will build.

Digital Marketing For Hotel Business


Determine the ideal location for your hotel. Location plays a big role in the success of your new hotel. Therefore, business people need a more central location like apartment di cikarang or an easy place to get transportation.

The selection of this location can be adjusted to the target market you plan. For example, if your target market is families, then they will want things they can do together that are not too far from where they live.

If it’s for a married couple might want to rekindle the romance with walks on the beach and fun things like bungee jumping. So it is important to get the right location with your target market.


Remember that people will only help you if they believe your hotel will make them money. Therefore, make sure your plan is strong and well thought out, then convey it to investors to raise the required funds. It’s important to show confidence that you’ve thought enough about your new business idea.

With a mature business plan, you can present it to investors to help fund your business. You never know who will believe in the ideas contained in your business plan. Be sure to treat them as investors, even with friends and family.

Avoid the temptation to be careless in presenting your ideas to them even if they are friends or family. When asking anyone for capital, make sure you are prepared and clear about the numbers. This is important because it is the first clue whether you will be a good business founder and they can trust.

Digital Marketing For Hotel Business

Recruit Employees and Train Teams

One of the most important steps to make the entire hotel business run according to plan is to recruit the right hotel employees to assist you in achieving your hotel business vision.

Get help from a professional to create a personality test, to find people who have the right characteristics.

Be sure to train your hotel managers and staff to follow the process and empower them to handle guests as well as handle complaints. Train them to do whatever it takes to serve the people who live in your hotel.

Permits and Zoning

You will need to consult your local government to understand zoning, permits and building codes as a new hotel owner. This is done for hospitality, and to get gam

bar on how much it will cost for your financial plan. It is important that you ask about the permits and zoning required.

Putting the System In Place

By considering your hotel business plan, you will consider which system needs to be implemented to improve operational efficiency.

For example, you might be thinking about how to make it easier for people to book your hotel, and one way is to use a hotel app.

It is a good idea to bring in a professional process management consultant to help provide an overview of how to develop a customized hotel management system.

Benefits and Tips for Selling Via Website For Hotel Business

For those looking for hotels, the website becomes one of the potential searches
when doing a google search. There are several tips for selling via a website for the hotel business, namely.

Offer the Best Offer Through Website

Take advantage of one of the most advanced tools that is your hotel website. Potential travelers will find you on a google search and will visit your brand-specific website before actually booking a room. Therefore, that’s when you can pull them in and take action. Increase website traffic with interactive chart views.

User Friendly and Pay Attention to Display

The brightest ideas on how to increase traffic for your website will go to waste if mobile compatibility is lacking.

So make sure your website is mobile user friendly. Make sure your hotel website doesn’t use Flash or other programs that don’t sync to your smartphone or tablet.

Automatically resizes photos and text for smaller screens. Have enough separation between links so customers can tap and open without overlapping.

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    Fill the Hotel Website with Interesting Content

    The choice of content on the website is endless, you can create multiple content such as articles, hotel blog posts, local tourist guides, hotel visuals such as virtual tours and photo galleries, videos and so on. This type of substantial content will attract visitors to increase your website traffic and hotel customers.

    Use Hotel Customer Reviews To Your Advantage

    Customer reviews are very helpful in increasing your website traffic. Therefore, adding a review option to your website will provide you with another way to attract visitors. Because most travelers will not book unless they have seen hotel reviews first.

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