Digital Marketing for Service Businesses – Benefits and Tips for Selling Via Digital Marketing for Service Businesses , Starting a service or service based business requires a different approach than launching a product based business.


While service businesses tend to be easier to start and run, they are more difficult to navigate in terms of pricing and competition than product businesses.

What is a Service Business?

In general, a service business is an activity designed to assist and support its clients in a specific area of ​​their business or personal life. If a business doesn’t sell physical or digital goods for customers to buy and use, it’s most likely a service business.

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Digital Marketing for Service Businesses

Service Business Example

Service businesses have various kinds, there are several examples of service businesses, namely:

Health services, such as doctors, physical therapists and so on.

Personal care services, such as hairdressers, massage therapists and so on.

Home repair and maintenance services, such as electricians, welders and so on.

Delivery service, such as delivery driver, courier and so on.

Financial services, such as wealth managers, financial advisors, investment bankers and so on.


Professional services, such as accountants, lawyers, marketers and so on.
How to Build a Service Business

Make sure your service idea is needed

The first step you need to do is research carefully about the idea and need for your service or services on a market basis.

So you need to do market research so you know how many people are likely to be interested in your services and what your competitors have to offer, and how you can stand out.

You can do research by browsing social media and setting up Google Trends to stay up-to-date on how your target customers are discussing your service idea and what makes them unhappy with the currently available services. Conduct interviews with your target audience to learn more about people’s needs.

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Digital Marketing for Service Businesses

Test Service Business Ideas

Once you have a solid plan for your new business, you’ll want to test the idea. You can start this service business without making it your only source of income. Many entrepreneurs start out by working on their new business idea on a part-time basis or as a freelancer.

You can start building a service base while still keeping your regular job. Set goals for this new service business as a source of income and your achievement when you quit your regular job. So this goal can keep you motivated and moving forward.

Create a Business Plan

A business plan can make the difference between the success or failure of a new business. With a business plan will help you organize your thoughts and business ideas that will be run.

You will record your market research, target audience, your ideas for engaging with the target audience, and how you hope to bring in new customers. You can also describe the goals and achievements of the service business.

Therefore, make sure you have a business plan for the services you will offer. This business plan includes the idea of ​​​​the services to be offered, your target market, the budget needed to the price for the services offered.

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Digital Marketing for Service Businesses

Make a Budget

Although service businesses generally have less start-up costs than product-based businesses, funding is unavoidable.

Therefore, determine the type of funding that best suits the goals and size of your organization. Include the use of funds in the business plan, including plans to repay the loan (if the loan proceeds). Make a list of the expenses needed to run the service business.

Create a budget that helps you to minimize expenses during the challenging early years of running this service business. You need to know how much money you spend directly on your business and how much you need to support yourself.

Spend what is necessary and save the rest to help you launch a new business successfully. Also, take the time to learn more about effective pricing strategies don’t set prices too low or too high.

Get Permits, Licenses and Certifications Where Needed

When starting to set up a service business, you must verify that you have the proper permits, licenses, or certifications that will allow you to operate in the territory of your choosing. For example, a hairdresser who wants to open a salon will likely need a salon business operating license.

Tips for Selling Via Instagram for Service Business

Once you have built your business, the time has come to promote your services and attract potential clients to your organization. Many entrepreneurs in service businesses find it easiest to start

ai with their own connections. In addition, you can also use digital platforms to market the service business you offer, such as through Instagram. There are several tips for selling via Instagram for service businesses, namely:

Attractive Visual Content

Visual content works well on social media, especially Instagram, which prioritizes visual content such as photos and videos. Visual content stands out as people scroll through Instagram, so they’re more likely to see it and engage with it.

You can use this photo content to inform about the services you offer. While video content is ideal for grabbing people’s attention and conveying your personality and passion to customers. Create engaging, narrative-driven videos to get the best reactions.

Create Calendar

Lack of settings in posting content on Instagram can lead to repeated posts or lags in attendance. Therefore, creating a social media content calendar can help avoid these mistakes and produce more effective posts.

The content calendar also helps in setting goals and tracking the progress of your strategy. To create a content calendar, use a calendar and plan your posts in advance, complete with hashtags, links, images, and other content.

Maximize Instagram Features

So that you can establish a relationship with your followers on Instagram. Then you need to maximize the Instagram features. For example, you can ask questions through Instagram stories, you can also display testimonials for the services you offer in the story highlights section.

Encourage Engagement

Instagram is not currently used for fun only. However, business must also be interactive. So you need to encourage interaction in the content you create. Post content that people want to read and ask your followers questions.

If there are comments your followers can reply to them. Your audience can help find out what they might like, through the questions feature on Instagram.

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    Don’t over-promote

    One of the things that often happens to businesses is treating Instagram too much like regular advertising. You don’t want to blatantly promote a service business in every post. You need to create content that people will actually enjoy and want to see.

    Some marketers use the one-in-seven rule, which says that for every one direct-promotion post, the other six must be content-based.

    In these other six posts, you can share articles, comment on current events, or ask questions relevant to the services you offer. You don’t have to completely avoid mentioning your brand in this post, but just be careful not to oversell.


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