Digital Marketing For Startup Businesses – Digital Marketing For Startup Businesses , benefits and Tips for Selling Via Digital Marketing For Startup Businesses
Startup founders usually hope to provide something that society needs but haven’t created yet and do so on a small scale.

A startup is a young company and was founded with the goal of developing a unique product or service, then bringing it to market so that it becomes irreplaceable for customers.

Startup Business Plan

The way to start a startup business is to identify problems and solutions. A successful startup business starts with a great idea. This idea does not have to be new, but it can update the product or service, for example by changing the appearance of the product, adding new features and finding new uses for products or services that customers already love.

For example, educational applications such as Ruangguru, Zenius, and Quipper. Even though they are both startups in the field of education, each has its own features and characteristics.

How to Develop a Startup Business

After considering what startup business plan to run. There are several ways for a startup business to grow, which are as follows.

Reconsider a startup business idea or plan. Some of these considerations, for example, are readjusted to the needs of the industry and its consumers and whether the startup idea will also bring industry resolutions and improvements.

Perform a competitive analysis by comparing and predicting how the startup business that has been considered will then become a plan so that it can compete against competitors.

Conduct market surveys to find out consumers’ first impressions of products or services based on packaging and marketing promotions, collect customer feedback and adjust marketing strategies to be carried out.

Startup Business Opening Location

Having the right location is part of preparing a startup business for success. There are several things to consider in choosing a location for opening a startup business, which are as follows.

Analyze the community by communicating with other business owners in the area and asking if their business is successful.

Demographics are a consideration in choosing a location, and to increase sales, you should sell in areas that are densely packed with your target market.

Budget is an important reason to choose the right location, make sure you have a budget that fits your needs. Because the budget is usually planned before having any business idea.

Has a fairly good accessibility for employees or customers. In addition, it has good infrastructure, such as roads, uninterrupted electricity and water supplies.

Benefits and Tips for Selling Via Digital Marketing For Startup Businesses

A startup business that is run in order to continue to develop must have the right marketing. In modern times like this, using digital can be used as an alternative. This is because many people are active on digital platforms, either for entertainment or finding out something about a product.

Digital Marketing For Startup Businesses: Build Website and Brand

In running an online business, branding is important. Through branding and marketing, you will try to get people to visit your website, sign up with E-Mail, become fans, and eventually buy your product or service. Since building a website is the focal point of digital promotion, create a website that accurately represents your brand. There are several tips, which are as follows.

• Create a unique logo, because the logo represents your brand identity and will be used in all places (websites, social media pages) so it is necessary to create a logo. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or overly artistic but it does need to set your business apart from the rest.
• Must choose a design and layout that is easy to use and looks professional.
• In addition to having a page about your products and services, your business website should have an about us page, a contact page, a privacy page, and a disclaimer page.
• The homepage should clearly explain who you are, what you do and how your product or service can help people solve problems.
• List your achievements, goals, mission statement. But what’s more important is explaining how you can help your potential customers.
• Pay attention to keywords. Then the website structure should be no more than 3 levels and all your important pages should be linked from your homepage.
• Speed ​​and mobile friendliness as most of your visitors will likely use mobile devices.

Social Media

The next step closely related to branding is to create business pages for startups on all major social networks. This is so that the username is not claimed by businesses that have registered on social media. username from the start. Then use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other networks. media marketing

he social has many benefits to offer startups, one of which is brand awareness. Some tips for selling on social media, which are as follows.
• Some social media platforms have business-only accounts. So use a business account and create a business page and configure the username to be the same on all platforms.
• On the business page make sure to add your logo, website URL and other relevant information about your business.
• Having a decent number of followers really helps. This is the first step to building a community around your brand, although it is difficult and time consuming. In order to have a lot of fans or followers create an interesting content and make sure social media is always active. Don’t make selling content that bores followers too often, but use educational content that is relevant to the startup business. Users don’t care about your achievements, but how they can benefit from buying your products or using your services.

Content Marketing

In deciding which social media network to use, analyze the market and identify your target audience. Then find out what kind of content your target audience needs. This is done to go deeper and try to understand what kind of content will help you promote your business and at the same time address people’s needs. Some content marketing tips that can be done are:
• Do keyword research to find out search terms and topics related to your startup business.
• Create unique, engaging content, based on real-world studies and data. Optimize your content for search engines and users.
• Creating high quality content on a regular basis is critical to the online success of your startup business.

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing has the benefit of building a community of people who want to hear about your brand and products. The difference between E-Mail marketing and social media marketing is that with E-Mail marketing you own the data and can use your lists for promotional purposes. Some tips for selling by E-Mail, namely.

• Sign up with an E-Mail marketing tool, such as MailChimp.
• Grow your E-Mail list quickly so you need to find ways to get people to subscribe to your list and incentives such as with freebies, E-books and discounts.
• Set up marketing automation promotions and content relevant to the startup business.

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    Paid Ads

    When promoting a startup business offline it is usually through advertising. In the digital world, advertising can still be done through Google ADS and Facebook.

    Google Ads has a PPC or pay per click system which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The amount paid depends on a number of factors such as keyword popularity, competition, country, device, quality of your ad and other factors. Meanwhile, through Facebook for Business, you can create paid ads and target users on Facebook and Instagram. Tips for making paid ads are as follows.

    • Create interesting content
    • If you use Facebook For Business then you must have the ability to group users into audiences based on the actions they take on your website and with Facebook. So have a target in each group with different ads and messages.

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