Doyobi, a provider of STEM-based teaching resources and teacher development through virtual learning environments (VLE) announced that it has successfully completed a USD 2.8 million pre-series A funding round.

The funds will be used to launch courses and group training aimed at upgrading the skills of teachers. This initiative is also aimed at developing the resources needed to be able to assist teachers in teaching by using STEM-based learning methods effectively and skills needed in the 21st century, such as critical and creative thinking in the classroom.

Doyobi will also use the funds to support the Teachers as Humans community , which is an online community for teachers to support each other and get opportunities to develop themselves professionally.

Doyobi CEO and Founder John Tan said there is a huge gap between what is taught in schools and what children need to learn to prepare them for the world of work in the future. Curiosity, imagination and empathy are as important as reading and numeracy skills.

“We believe teachers are an important part of changing children’s experiences in the classroom. Doyobi focuses on empowering teachers and providing support in improving the skills needed to teach using STEM-based learning methods and 21st century skills,” said John Tan.

Doyobi plans to launch a membership program for school leaders that focuses on STEM-based learning methods and 21st century skills development. The purpose of this STEM School Leader membership is to help school leaders such as principals and department heads to learn about implementing STEM practices effectively in schools. schools, as well as helping them develop the skills and mindset of students to succeed in the 21st century. The STEM School Leader membership was designed by Doyobi and Allan Shaw, former principals of The Knox School, one of Melbourne’s leading independent schools.

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Since its launch in August 2020, Doyobi’s virtual learning environment has been used by nearly 2,000 teachers in more than 10 countries. Indonesia and the Philippines are Doyobi’s two biggest markets.

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