Undercover Bisnis – Dragon Hot Pot , The saying that the food and beverage business never dies seems to be true. The food and beverage industry (mamin) is still able to survive amid the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although the existence of the pandemic has hit the sales level of business owners in this sector, Dragon Hot Pot, Melbourne’s no. 1 Hot Pot restaurant brought directly from Australia by Ian Hendarto and Becky Tumewu, continues to increase its turnover and continues to expand to open new branches in cities such as Indonesia. big city.

To achieve its goal of expanding restaurants to all major cities in Indonesia, Dragon Hot Pot, which has been present since 2020 in Indonesia, partners with investors on the equity crowdfunding platform, LandX, and has opened two new branches at Pondok Indah Mall II and Rukan. The Golf E Pantai Indah Kapuk.

With these two new branches, Dragon Hot Pot has 9 active branches, and in the near future will reopen 2 new branches in December 2021, at Mall Central Park and Ruko Victoria Lane Alam Sutera.

“With a promising business and a very broad target market, Dragon Hot Pot can weather the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic, and its turnover continues to grow to this day. By partnering with LandX, our target to be able to open new branches in 2 strategic places in Jakarta can be realized by opening DHP shares. Previously, in the process of listing DHP 1 and DHP 2 in the LandX application, the joint target of 10 billion could be accomplished in 15 minutes,” said Becky Tumewu, artist and Commissioner of Dragon Hot Pot Indonesia.

Dragon Hot Pot
Dragon Hot Pot

Dragon Hot Pot is a restaurant under the Yamatoten Abura Soba Group. Founded in 2017 in Melbourne, Australia, Dragon Hot Pot is well-known among foreign tourists for its characteristic selection of 120 hot pot ingredients and broth.

Dragon Hot Pot is looking for a variety of recipes especially its century-old broth. By using bone marrow and cooking it for more than 12 hours, don’t forget to add more than 20 traditional Chinese herbs to produce a fragrant broth and a unique golden thick texture.

Seeing the enthusiasm of investors during the opening of DHP phase 1 shares which ran out in 15 minutes and DHP phase 2 which took less than 30 minutes, Dragon HotPot will re-list its shares with the code DHP phase 3 which will be available in 2022.

Andika Sutoro Putra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LandX stated, “The re-entry of Dragon Hot Pot for the 3rd time proves that one of our core values ​​’integrity’ has gone on track. We are very excited about the trust that Dragon Hot Pot has placed in choosing LandX as the crowdfunding service for its shareholdings.”

On the same occasion, Andika invited young people from the millennial circle to be aware of starting to invest and have passive income. According to him, in this pandemic era when free time is increasing and information technology is more advanced, millennials can take advantage of the time to start consciously investing early on by owning shares of a company and benefiting from low-risk businesses.

“Currently LandX has 42% of the total users (investors) with an average age of 17-24 years and we are sure that it will increase again. Currently, LandX offers business joint venture investment services starting from Rp. 1 million already owning Dragon Hot Pot shares with dividends ranging from 20% – 30% in 1 year,” explained Andika.

LandX is very strict in selecting companies/SMEs to be financed. The financed company/SME must already have positive prospects, performance and growth as well as high-value basic property assets, and mature risk mitigation. Although relatively new to investing in Indonesia, Dragon Hot Pot has become a favorite of the Indonesian people with its quality recipes and unique taste.

Investing in LandX is easy. Prospective investors simply download the LandX application on Google Play and the App Store, register and make investment transactions. On the application and website, all information on ongoing funding and the funding period is provided transparently.

Since being licensed by the OJK at the end of December 2020, the number of registered investors in LandX has reached more than 65 thousand with 5,395 users who have invested their money in LandX and received a dividend value of 2.21 billion.

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    “One of the advantages of companies listing on LandX, among others, is having underlying assets, as a form of security for young (new) investors. Second, the qualifications of managers who are trustworthy and perform well, so the credibility of the managers is at stake when they invite the wider community to build the business they are building. And lastly, positive growth,” concluded Andika

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