Online learning   or e-learning, which was originally used as an educational solution in the midst of a pandemic, is now starting to become a lifestyle that is increasingly in demand.

Not only used by the world of education in schools or universities, e-learning is also increasingly in demand by many companies in various fields in Indonesia. Quoted from elearningindustry.com , the e-learning industry in Indonesia ranks 8th worldwide based on the total e-learning market .

Responding to this need, Elemes.id also plays a role in the e-learning industry in Indonesia. Based on the Learning Management System (LMS) platform, Elemes.id provides several e-learning services for companies, including  online recruitment platforms ,  online learning ,  online assessments ,  maintenance services ,  administrator support , to the creation of  learning content .

“Since 2020, we are committed to focusing as a specialist in providing LMS platform services and projecting the potential of the LMS industry as an answer to the needs of corporate e-learning training and education in the future because it is easy, effective, and efficient,” said CEO of Elemes.id Randy Muhroji.

Even so, Randy emphasized that Elemes.id is open to other needs of corporations and educational institutions such as schools and universities in the field of information technology broadly. He strengthened Elemes.id’s position as a  tech partner  for corporations as well as schools and universities.

“The concept of  tech partnership  means that we position Elemes.id as a friend for the information technology needs of corporations and institutions, not just a  tech vendor . The advantages that we offer are also very diverse and useful, such as flexibility in terms of  custom  needs of the company, both in terms of payment for the rental or purchase system, both of which provide many advantages, “explained Randy.

To date, Elemes.id has developed technology products that are tailored to various needs, namely Recruita, Assesso, and Learning Point for  corporate , Eazy Course for commercial use  , and Live School for online school platforms  .

This technology has been used in various medium to large companies and institutions in multi industries, ranging from banking, finance , to educational platforms. In order to provide more convenience for partners , Elemes.id targets businesses towards the development of SaaS ( Software as a Service ).

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“We analyzed the needs of corporations and institutions over the past few years and found a new pattern of needs. We then made this need a new service, namely SaaS which is a software system. Cloud- based  , companies only need an internet network to access it with only a few touches on a  smartphone  or a click on a PC and laptop, without having to incur investment costs or buy relatively expensive licenses,” Randy concluded.

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