undercover.co.id/.com – For those colleagues who have large-scale business to a corporation, would always strive to be able to manage the business well to achieve success. In order to achieve these objectives, it would be faced with a variety of problems that often need extra attention from us as a business owner.

Manage a company well, it requires special methods that are tailored to a variety of things that exist in the company. One method that has been widely applied to the owners of the Good Corporate Governance.

Simply put good corporate governance can be interpreted as an attempt to manage a company into a better direction. However, in practice, there are some specific points that must be run in this one method. Learn, colleagues can listen to some points in the running of Good Corporate Governance.
1. Transparency

The first point to run a Good Corporate Governance is by prioritizing transparency or openness. When openness has become a cornerstone in running a company, then there will be trust between all parties involved in the company. As the owner or manager of the company, we are obliged to seek to provide information honestly and openly with all stakeholders.

As an example of openness is required in preparing business reports and decision making. Not only to those directly involved with the management of the company, even though the worker or employee, we are obliged to open for the cause of employee loyalty.

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2. Accountability

The second point in the run of good corporate governance ie accountability that could be interpreted as a clear implementation of related functions, structures, systems and accountability in the corporate body. Points this one very closely related to how to run the company effectively and efficiently. The management company that involves many people, would need clear arrangements in order to facilitate any part in working out their functions and duties.

Elevate Your Good Corporate Governance To Real Success In addition, they are included in this point that the manager must also provide clear rights and obligations to each section. As proof, a company that has a good accountability, generally able to grow more quickly than companies that do not run it.
3. Responsibility

Supports two previous points, the third point, namely responsibility or liability shall also be considered by the management company. The responsibility here can be broadly defined primarily on the environment and the general public.

Many cases that occur because a company does not implement the responsibility to both the environment and society. As a result there is a refusal even to disputes that forced the company to bankruptcy.

If you do not want to experience the same thing, we are obliged to prioritize accountability efforts in the form of mitigating the environmental impact. Examples such as the EIA, security, compatibility with local values or norms as well as some other things that ultimately have an impact on society. In addition, if a problem occurs, the company also had to respond quickly in order not extend to interfere with the performance of the company.
4. Independence

Once we are able to be responsible to the environment and the community, will be interwoven understanding between what we are doing with what is around. The independence of the company is important, especially when taking crucial decisions are authoritative.

Not infrequently companies are also required to dare to develop policies that are not only beneficial for the company but also for all parties broadly. It can not be separated from efforts to maintain business continuity to the long term.

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5. Fairness

Closing all the above points, the last thing you should consider when you want to run good corporate governance is to pay attention to equality and fair treatment of all stakeholders involved. As discussed in the previous points, stakeholders in a business not only those directly involved in the company’s performance, but to those who are not directly involved, such as for example, the community and the environment.

The Company is required to provide a good system in order to fulfill the rights and obligations of stakeholders can be executed with the maximum. If all these things have been run, then justice can be achieved with a good joint, which in the end will certainly impact on the progress of the company’s business. Elevate Your Good Corporate Governance To Real Success

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