eMET, e-Stamp and Digital Signature Bundling Provider Application

e-Meterai Bundling Provider Application, eMET , The development of the use of electronic signatures and seals as electronic documents has now become one of the needs and real manifestations of digital transformation for business people and the community in the country.

In the future, the use of e-stamp will be applied to various public electronic transactions that fall into the category of transactions subject to stamp duty. Seeing this need, PT Mitra Era Teknologi collaborated with the Public Company for Printing Money of the Republic of Indonesia (PERURI) to introduce an application for providing electronic signature and e-seal services (eMET) and Momofin (credential aggregation platform) . This innovation aims to accelerate the digitization process in Indonesia.

The Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani said that transactions in the digital era must be prepared in terms of infrastructure and instruments, both from the technical side to applications to realize the use of electronic seals or e-stamps.

“From here, eMET offers the convenience of affixing electronic signatures and seals with a layered authentication system. This is to ensure that the party affixing the e-stamp and e-signature is carried out by the right party and cannot be represented by another person. In collaboration with PERURI, all securities and digital documents that are affixed to it are legally valid and without a doubt,” said Pranowo Sukantyoso Putro, Chief Operating Officer of eMET.

Electronic seal or e-seal is a type of seal that is made using an electronic format and has special characteristics that contain elements of security issued by the government of the Republic of Indonesia. This stamp can be used or used to pay taxes on electronic documents that have been connected to the electronic system.

Through the eMET application, digital documents are authenticated using an electronic seal & an official electronic signature from PERURI. This application has also embedded security technology that supports the digital signature X.509 SHA 512 e-seal which uses three additional security features, such as Overt. 70% of electronic e-seal designs are unique barcodes that are different on each seal. You can sign the digital document yourself, or ask the other party to approve the same document.

The second feature is covert . The PERURI seal can only be read with a scanner or special application from PERURI and the signature panel can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf application. With eMET you are in complete control of your digital documents. Store in the cloud, download anytime, or share documents through a variety of other applications.

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Then forensic evidence by PERURI. In conducting distribution, electronic stamp duty or e-seal is available through the e-seal portal which can connect individuals by ordering directly and make it easier for companies to make purchases or affix them directly.

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    The eMET application has used a layered authentication system to ensure that the party affixing the e-stamp and e-signature is carried out by the right party and cannot be represented by another person. The eMET application is currently available on the Android platform, and can be downloaded on the emet.id page

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