Entertaining and Engaging

Uqwo – RESOURCES & LOGISTICS , Entertaining and Engaging , Utilising large channels such as concerts and sporting events is an effective option for brands. Besides the potential to build engagement, it is also entertaining.

Brand activation can be done in various ways and channels. Whether offline or online, brand activation is necessary to show brand presence. Creating their own events or participating in existing events are options that brands can do.

Sports events or concerts are often the way that many brands use. Simply put, sports and concerts are proven to be entertainment that can attract many enthusiasts. Even generate coffers for the organisers.

Music concerts are activation activities that brands can use to reach new consumers. Brands need to collaborate with musicians who have a strong fan base. Besides being entertaining, concerts are also able to lure consumers deeper. Brands need to stand out in the midst of competition.

A survey conducted by Nielsen shows that music concerts are a means of winning the competition. A survey conducted by the data analysis agency in 2021 showed that activation through concerts encourages consumers to own their preferred brands. 51% of respondents in the survey said that they prefer brands that organise and sponsor music concerts.

This activation seems to be even more effective when implemented. The survey proved that 76% of respondents who attended festivals and concerts would prefer brands that sponsored or organised the event. In addition, music fans also prefer brands that interact with consumers through music events.

It is not only music concerts that are effective in brand activation. Sports competitions also have a strong fan base in Indonesia. Competitions create a fan base for the players. In fact, consumers place trust in brands that sponsor sporting events.

This is proven by a survey conducted by Nielsen. Sporting events are considered to be convincing for consumers in choosing brands. Furthermore, 81% of respondents surveyed believe that brands that sponsor sporting events are brands that consumers are likely to choose.

Inevitably, recommendations from people close to them are still a channel for consumers to choose brands. As many as 89% believe that recommendations from people close to them are the best choice. However, not much different from the recommendation of the closest person, sponsorship in sporting events proved to be a powerful way to reach consumers.

Entertaining and Engaging
Entertaining and Engaging

Concerts and sponsorship in sporting events have become powerful brand activation activities post-pandemic. This momentum was utilised by PT Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir, aka JNE. This concert-based brand activation is the brand’s mainstay in reaching new consumers. In addition to attracting new consumers, brand activation is also used to maintain loyalty.

“The purpose of brand activation is to increase awareness, customer engagement, and foster loyalty to our brand,” said Kurnia Nugraha, Head of Media Communication at JNE.

JNE collaborated with brand musician Slank to hold concerts in seven cities. There are several parameters to calculate the success of a brand activation used by a company. For example, sales conversion, crowd (number of participation and engagement/customer participation and conversion), and the effectiveness of the content created.

The company recognises that a successful brand activation may not always result in direct benefits in the form of sales. But it can focus on building awareness or strengthening brand image which in turn can contribute to increased sales in the future.

PT Pertamina Patra Niaga does the same. The brand, which is now 65 years old, believes that brand activation must fulfil certain objectives, rather than just holding a massive celebration. “Our brand activation is more targeted at the younger generation, so we will change information such as Pertamina is an old brand,” said Erwin Budianto, Manager of Event and Brand Management at PT Pertamina Patra Niaga.

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    The company is aggressively conducting various brand activation activities. One of them is through sponsorship in the MotoGP circuit racing event. Activation through sponsorship in international motorbike racing events is believed to be able to maintain brand relevance to market regeneration that is shifting to generation Z or gen Z.

    The activation carried out by the company was carried out to boost the number of users of the application released by the company, MyPertamina. This activation is also priced with various other activations. Gamification is one of the companions of sponsorship in MotoGP.

    Erwin admitted that this activation has not yet reached the stage of driving sales. MyPertamina, Erwin recognised, still has a long way to go, and the company’s activation goal is to re-educate consumers.

    The goal of brand activation is to increase awareness, customer engagement, and foster loyalty to our brand.
    Kurnia Nugraha
    Head of Media Communication JNE.

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