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undercover.co.id Hip Entertainment Marketing , Entertainment platforms are becoming a powerful means of delivering marketing messages. Multisensory elements and immersive touches make entertainment marketing more experiential. The hip touch that combines modern with traditional, technology with human, and digital with physical, adds to the cool factor.

Coldplay is the most recent example of the phenomenon of today’s entertainment-hungry society. The concert of the British band scheduled to perform in Jakarta on 15 November 2023 was phenomenal. The concert tickets, which cost up to tens of millions, were sold out in a short time. This also makes Coldplay one of the most phenomenal music events this year.

It is also no exaggeration that these years are a momentum for the rise of the entertainment industry, such as music concerts. Not only that, it marks the return of the golden age for physical and outdoor activities. Not just music concerts, but also sports, festivals, arts and cultural performances, and so on. We see that concerts, sporting events, and festivals are always packed with visitors. Of course, this phenomenon is common considering that people are tired of the limited life due to the pandemic that has lasted for more than two years.

The phenomenon of the rise of the entertainment market is also an enthusiasm for many brands and companies. This is characterised by many brands sponsoring these entertainment events. In fact, for certain events, they can compete for the sponsored media. This shows that the entertainment platform can be utilised as a marketing medium. Therefore, the issue you are reading is very timely as it discusses entertainment marketing.

In general, entertainment marketing is understood as a form of marketing communication that utilises entertainment as its main vehicle. These entertainment media or platforms can be utilised for marketing purposes, such as building awareness, engagement, branding, and driving sales leads.

Weighing Effectiveness

Many opinions say that entertainment marketing has a relatively high rate of return on investment (ROI) given the large number and interest of the audience. In addition, the level of effectiveness to build brand awareness is also great. This model of marketing strategy can cover a lot of things, from entertainment in the form of outdoor activations such as concerts, festivals, and sports, to entertainment enjoyed on devices, such as films, web series, games, and so on. Brands can choose which entertainment media is most suitable for conveying messages.

Entertainment Marketing
Entertainment Marketing

The most common thing brands do in entertainment marketing is sponsorship in the form of product placement. According to PQ Research, product placement in entertainment platforms is effective for brands. Globally, product placements have grown steadily year-on-year over the past decade. Other research has found that product placement is more effective than TV adverts in encouraging consumers to purchase packaged goods. It makes sense that television viewers are more focused on enjoying the story content and are more distracted when TVCs are inserted during the viewing process.

Deloitte’s research (Figure 1) proves that product placement has a greater influence on audience purchasing decisions than TVCs that often interrupt viewers while enjoying the content. Meanwhile, Blocktrough’s research titled The Rise of Consent-based Advertising (2021) says that the trend of ad blocking is increasing, growing 8% in 2020 in the desktop user segment and 10% for mobile users. This fact is a warning to advertisers that hard selling in entertainment content is less favoured by the audience.

Hip and Multisensory

Although not a new concept, entertainment marketing is still relevant today considering that entertainment is an ‘eternal’ need of contemporary society. Moreover, the bombarding online trends during the pandemic have made people thirsty for more experiential entertainment. One of the reasons why entertainment marketing is quite effective is because of the experiential nature inherent in the entertainment activity itself. And, entertainment almost always carries a multisensory touch where the human senses are involved, be it sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.

In the previous edition, we talked about multisensory marketing that prioritises efforts to build engagement through the human senses. This marketing model is increasingly needed when during the pandemic people are bombarded with online activities and experience digital fatigue or digital fatique. The phenomenon of the rise of entertainment that involves physical activities such as music concerts, sports, festivals, and the like also indicates people’s saturation with digital.

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    However, make no mistake that the cool factor of an entertainment marketing is not only determined by the sophisticated technological devices used. Instead, the cool factor lies in the creativity of combining two things that tend to be opposite, such as modern and traditional touches, human and technological touches, physical and digital, and so on. Again, Coldplay can be used as an example. An old band that was founded in 1997 but is still powerful in attracting the attention of concert goers today. Another example, some brands organise hawker festivals as a symbol of tradition in modern places such as malls. Or, hotels that emphasise old architecture but with very modern services. This includes brands that create content marketing by combining a serious message in a humorous package. That’s more or less the hip in entertainment marketing that becomes the cool factor.

    Various Forms

    In this edition, we also present hip entertainment marketing practices in various forms. Music concerts, for example, are one form that we highlight because music is the most obvious example of utilising entertainment media for marketing. The same goes for sporting events, such as football, basketball, or festivals, such as culinary festivals, cosplay, and so on. Many brands are willing to spend deeply to sponsor events that have a very large audience base.

    However, brand sponsors or organisers must be able to manage entertainment events so that they take place in a quality manner. The measure of success of an event must at least include three things, namely content, crowd, and cash. The content in question is that the entertainment event is of real quality. In a music concert, for example, the band displayed on stage is not a band yesterday afternoon. The crowd criterion refers to the number of audiences or people involved. This is especially important for brands that want to build brand awareness. And, cash is important because this is the main criteria for a financially successful event because it is able to drive large sales. Ideally, these three elements must be fulfilled in entertainment marketing events.

    In addition, the forms of entertainment marketing that we raise are films, games, and web series. Nowadays, many brands produce content marketing in the form of web series. With web series, brands can build more engagement with the audience through touching storytelling. What must be avoided from this platform is hard selling or brands promoting their products and services in a vulgar manner. The same applies to brands that want to engage with the gamer or esports community.

    One interesting case we bring up is entertainment marketing in the trendjacking phenomenon. Here, brands creatively hijack something that is viral or trending. Last year, the Layangan Putus series was viral and phenomenal. Many netizens, including brands, used one of the series’ phenomenal scenes for humorous packaging while incorporating marketing messages.

    There are many forms and ways to package entertainment marketing that are interesting and impactful. Hip is the keyword for this strategy to have a big cool factor and better support the achievement of marketing objectives in the entertainment platform. There are many examples of what the brands in this issue have done. Hopefully, the success of these brands will inspire you when you want to do entertainment marketing.

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