undercover.co.id -Equator Cafe and Gallery Heaven for Wood Art Connoisseurs , The image of Bandung as a creative city in Indonesia is undeniable.

This can be seen from the many creative communities that simultaneously produce a number of works that support the development of the local economic sector.

As a creative city that has a high value in the tourism sector, the economic activities of the people of Bandung are focused on the trade, hotel and restaurant sectors. These three sectors continue to be developed based on innovation and creativity.

Not only tourist attractions in the city of Bandung which are continuously explored with the emergence of new tourist locations with interesting and imaginative concepts and ideas, as well as the development of culinary tourism which is increasingly contemporary.

In this flower city, many creative ideas were born that productively create economic products that are worth selling in the market. It’s not Bandung if it doesn’t present creative concepts and ideas.

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Equator Cafe and Gallery

Some culinary tourism spots in Bandung actually don’t only sell taste but more than that offer a comfortable place to eat with unique interior and exterior designs, beautiful views with unspoiled locations, even providing anti-mainstream spots and special instagramable themes.

Equator Café and Gallery is a restaurant with a wooden feel that must be visited when visiting the city of Bandung.

In the midst of the onslaught of digitalization in all aspects of life, it is precisely in this café that visitors will be led into a back to nature atmosphere that carries a wood theme. The various wooden artworks in this café manage to hypnotize the visitors’ eyes.

This cafe is a paradise for lovers of wood-based artwork, almost all wood-based objects are designed to resemble their original form.

The consistency of wood elements in every part of the room in this café creates an atmosphere that blends harmoniously with one another.

The interior of the room inside and out is neatly arranged with a touch of wood. Such as floors, chairs, tables, to wooden hallways that are designed with good lighting functions.

Likewise with some displays such as statues, wall hangings, art installations with wood base material in artistic designs.

Even the owner of the café, who throughout his life has always struggled with wood, has succeeded in creating cars and motorbikes using wood.

The results of this artwork are displayed in the cafe room. Although this vehicle has been modified, it does not lose its function and usefulness to be used properly on the highway.

The selection of a wooden layout in this café has a fairly good lighting method so that the main room for visitors has semi-open access to receive sunlight from outside.

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Equator Cafe and Gallery

Artwork made from wood has an alluring charm for lovers of natural style. Wood artwork requires proper care to make it more durable and not easily damaged. That is why various wood-based products have a high value in the market.

Equator Café has three main rooms, namely an indoor semi-outdoor room intended for café visitors, a coffee shop room for mixing coffee and an art gallery. In addition, a no smoking area is provided for visitors.

All parts of this room are dominated by wood-based materials which are not just for display, but visitors can also buy or order custom.

In addition to a comfortable place, this cafe also serves a variety of food and drink menus. From traditional Indonesian food, western to middle eastern dishes and of course offered at affordable prices.

Even if you just want breakfast, this café has a complete Big Breakfast menu to fill your stomach in the morning, which is guaranteed to fill you up.

Typical Indonesian menus such as Balinese Bumbu Duck, Sop Iga and Tongseng are the foods that are most often recommended. This food has a distinctive and delicious taste because it is cooked using native Indonesian spices.

In addition to local food menus, there are also western dishes including Pizza, Quesadilla Canai as well as Chicken Steak and Beef Zurichoise which are served complete with creamy sauce and vegetables.

As for the choice of snacks, there are sandwiches, nachos and crispy mushrooms that can be an option for snacking while chatting casually at this café.

The food at this cafe is served in large enough portions so that you can enjoy it together.

For Steak lovers, Equator café recently introduced the Grill menu, which consists of Tomahawk Steak, Fatboy and Saikoro.

Even though it was just launched, this menu has become the target of cafe visitors, and has become one of the favorite menus.

Coffee is the most popular drink at this café because it is specially formulated at the Equator café coffee shop. is americano, cappuccino, frapucinno and avocado coffee are available here. However, Es Kopi Susu Ekuator is still a mainstay drink that is currently being popular among coffee connoisseurs in the city of Bandung.

But not only coffee that can be chosen by visitors as friends to enjoy various delicious food dishes at this café, but there are also other drink menu choices that are no less interesting to try, such as ice chocolate, ice tea or café latte.

With a fairly large room area and supported by adequate seating facilities, Equator Cafe is often used for holding important events such as gatherings by several large companies in Bandung. This cafe has good sound system facilities and mainly serves delicious food catering.

Some communities in Bandung have even chosen this café as a place to hold social gatherings, grand reunions, religious studies, to celebrate New Year’s Day.

The nuances and wooden ornaments that adorn every corner of the room in this café are very instagramable, especially for photography lovers and active users of social media.

There are so many unique photo spots available at this café and rarely found anywhere else in the city of Bandung. Some people even did a photo booklet session at this café.

Connoisseurs of wood art must visit the Equator café and Gallery, which is located on Jl. Sulanjana No. 32 cities of Bandung. This cafe is very easy to find because it is close to several other Bandung culinary places.

The location is very strategic because it is not far from the outlet area, restaurants and tourist centers in the Dago street area.

Especially for visitors who come from outside the city of Bandung, they can access the location of the café via the Pasupati flyover or through the Ganesha road.

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