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Expanding Metaverse World, Paramount Releases NFT Star Trek

undercover.co.id – NFT Star Trek , Paramount, a Hollywood-based film producer and distributor, will release an NFT inspired by the film ‘Star Trek’ . To make this move, Paramount partnered with RECUR to create a platform called Paramount.xyz, which it says will “bring Paramount’s beloved entertainment Entities, brands and characters to the metaverse.”

Through this fan-focused platform, Paramount and RECUR have created a unified environment. Here, fans can buy, collect, and trade NFT as a digital collectible across Paramount’s portfolio of leading brands, including Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, CBS, to Showtime Networks Inc.

Star Trek™ is the first franchise to launch and will be followed by collections from Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures. Paramount.xyz enables fans to build communities, engage with other users, unlock new, innovative experiences, and interact with the properties and brands they love.

NFT Star Trek

“Fans can now engage with our content wherever they are, including the metaverse,” said Pam Kaufman, President, Consumer Products and Experiences, Paramount. 

“Paramount.xyz will offer a seamless digital collection experience for fans across our major franchises, starting with Star Trek™. We love having a space that is accessible to everyone and allows other fandom expressions.”

Paramount’s NFT Star Trek will describe an “algorithmically generated starship” and can be purchased for US$250 per pack. 

The ships can be stored in a “Star Trek Continuum,” or a bridge that will house the first edition of the collection through to subsequent NFT Star Trek collections. The next collection is said to involve gathering a crew and can be conquered by completing missions defined by Paramount’s travel maps.

According to a Paramount and Recur press release included in The Verge , the two sides are building a utility map that can be plugged into real life. This means Continuum holders who purchase Star Trek NFT will gain access to exclusive perks, events, and content that expands the utility of NFT digitally, including in real life.

Star Trek NFT is not the first NFT collection launched by Paramount. Previously, Paramount had placed licensed digital Funko Pops on the blockchain and offered them on other platforms.  

Following Star Trek NFT, Paramount Pictures is said to be doing everything it can to develop Star Trek Continuum as the beginning of the Paramount.xyz universe. Not only that, Paramount Pictures is rumored to be adding a franchise with Nickelodeon, which means NFT Spongebob could be present in the future.

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