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Undercover.co.id – Technology News | EZVIZ launched the DB2C Smart Doorbell Kit to simplify the security protection of your front door through an easy-to-install, wire-free design. DB2C Kit consists of two devices, namely a doorbell (video doorbell) and a chime (chime).

Howard Yoeng – Country Manager of EZVIZ Indonesia said, “DB2C is the first wire-free doorbell in the EZVIZ Smart Home Entry line, and is another milestone in our efforts to make technology easy to use .

DB2C tools are a mix of form and function. We believe this product will be well received by many users. “

He added that the doorbell that uses this battery also functions as a smart camera to see or respond to activities that occur in front of the door or guests who come through a 160-degree display from head to toe, PIR sanded motion detectors and two-way communication.

Chimes are placed in the room so that users are notified of each visit with various and clear ringtones, as well as adjustable ring volume up to 65 dB.

Not only that, DB2C eliminates the traditional wiring design that usually requires a professional repairman for installation, and replaces it with a simple, wire-free doorbell that is easy to place anywhere without compromising the ability and function of a doorbell.

Then, the DB2C chime can be used by simply plugging it into a power socket and connecting it to the EZVIZ App.

The chime that can ring within a radius of 3 meters offers 20 ringtones to choose from, and the volume can be set to high or low, or to be turned off at certain times to avoid distraction.

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EZVIZ hopes that this device will become a must-have item for every family. As the core of home security devices, the DB2C doorbell is equipped with PIR-based motion detection to reduce false alarms and automatically send alerts directly to the user’s smartphone.

Apart from that, the user can also increase the relevance of the alert by adjusting the detection radius to 2, 3 or 5 meters.

This device also facilitates long-distance communication via two-way talk (two-way talk) and displays it in real-time.

For example, when a courier arrives home, the user can identify their whereabouts and tell them where to place the package.

EZVIZ firmly believes that the ease of use of the device must be accompanied by a high level of security. For this reason, DB2C has a sturdy material so that this doorbell is difficult to damage.

If someone tries to force-release the doorbell, an alarm will sound loudly to frighten the person, and will automatically report it to the user via the smartphone.

To further enhance data security, EZVIZ designed a microSD card slot which is located on the bell that is in the room so that this will prevent users from losing data if the doorbell is stolen or tampered with.

In addition, EZVIZ provides a larger cloud storage option with 7 days of free access. Each EZVIZ product can only be linked to one EZVIZ account, and all data is strictly encrypted and requires multi-step authentication from each user to provide maximum protection.

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