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undercover.co.id – Facebook Marketplace , Facebook has a very large number of users. In addition, various features are owned by Facebook. At first, Facebook was only used to communicate, but now Facebook has become part of digital marketing. Now Facebook has a Marketplace feature with the aim of finding buyers and sellers of products conveniently. People can easily find what they are looking for by filtering the results by location, category, and price.

Facebook Marketplace also offers an easy way to help improve brand and product discovery. This is because of the reach and personalized customer experience.

So that Facebook Marketplace displays products that are relevant to consumers, helping your business find the right customers. It also helps ensure that your product is seen by the right audience, which in turn results in increased opportunities for interaction that will lead to a purchase.

By registering on Marketplace, you can reach buyers where they are already. So that it can increase the turnover you sell.

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace


The first thing before marketing a product is to make sure the product already exists. In determining this product should be through research. For example, by selling seasonal products or everyday products. These seasonal products are like the products people use when the seasons change. For example, during winter, products that can be sold and definitely sell well are jackets, coats and so on. Whereas if you are going to sell everyday items, it is great to sell interesting and trendy items.

Create a Facebook Marketplace Account

After selecting the product, since you will be using Facebook Marketplace as part of your marketing strategy, make sure you have this account. Setting up a Facebook Marketplace account is quite easy. If you have an active Facebook account, then you already have access to the Facebook Marketplace. On the left side of the Facebook homepage, there is a Marketplace option or if it’s not there it can be searched in the search bar and it will appear.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, then create a personal Facebook account first. After registering, the account is ready to use. It is necessary to fill in some information as an important step that will make you more trustworthy in the Marketplace. People will only want to buy on accounts with a profile picture and some clear basic identifying information for the account. After that, you can access the Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

Optimize Item List

After getting the product to be sold and being able to access the Marketplace, you can now make a sale. Optimize this list of items so that many people want to buy your product until you are flooded with turnover.

The creation of this item list can be via desktop or mobile. After entering the Marketplace section, then create a new listing. After that you select the type of product to be sold, whether an item, a vehicle or a house. In order to increase sales turnover, there are several things that need to be optimized, namely as follows.

• Product Photos

The first information that will be uploaded on the product item is the photo. Use a clean, product-relevant background. Take pictures of the product from different angles to show exactly what the product looks like. Use a professional camera to take high-quality HD pictures. Make sure the lighting is good and the product is clearly visible.

• Title and Description

Make sure the title uses sentences that are relevant to the product. In addition, the description section must match the image displayed. Use relevant keywords to improve SEO. This can help products stand out more among results when customers search for them with similar products.

The more detailed information and keywords that are included, the greater the chance that customers will actually see the products you sell. In the description section, you can communicate the condition of the product being sold, record product defects if it is not in new condition so that customers can know and the reason why you are selling it.

• Product Tags

Add multiple product tags, as additional search terms that cannot be included in the title or description. This of course will help to get your product listed on top searches compared to competitors’ products.

• Price

This Facebook Marketplace has many online stores. In addition, the products you sell may also be the same as other stores. Therefore, try to offer products at competitive prices. Don’t be too cheap either because in addition to making you lose, potential buyers will also feel doubt about the quality of the products you sell.

• Shipping Method

Adjust the shipping method, taking into consideration is that orders on Facebook Marketplace must be sent within 3 days and received within 7 days.

So tailor it to the product you are selling, to address any issues with supply and demand.

Make sure you make the product more visible to customers, more likely to be clicked on, and more likely to have more people interested in the product you are selling.

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

Share in Groups

As a form of promotion of the products you sell on Facebook Marketplace, the products you sell can be shared in the Group. Try to share with groups that are relevant to the product and target market you specify.

Product Promotion

So that your products are sold and Facebook Marketplace visitors are visited by many, then hold a promo for the products you sell. There are lots of promo programs that can be used, for example, buy 1 get 1, discounted prices and free delivery.

Facebook Ads

In order for the product to have a lot of fans, you can use paid advertising services on Facebook. There are several packages to choose from, but use the one that fits your budget.

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

Update Posts

If your product has not been sold even though it has been registered for at least 7 days, then you can update the product list. This can add your product list back to the top.

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    Communicating With Buyers

    You will face a variety of customer characters. Especially when using the Facebook Marketplace, not a few people will message you to ask questions about the products being sold.

    Try to respond to messages as soon as possible to increase your chances of making a sale. Because if you don’t reply to messages quickly, it’s feared that potential customers won’t buy at your store.

    If a customer is rude or angry, then remain calm and respectful in all situations. However, if it feels excessive then just ignore the message or block them. When negotiating a price, and a potential customer asks for the lowest price, politely decline and stay firm

    Those are some ways to increase sales turnover on Facebook Marketplace. When going to start a business, make sure your plans and strategies are mature. You can use free features and methods first to market your product before using paid advertising services.

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