FIT HUB Catches Sports Trends Through Premium Gyms

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, exercise is one of the keys to maintaining the body’s metabolism so that it can fight the virus attack. In its recommendations, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people stay active during the pandemic by exercising regularly for at least 150 minutes or 2.5 hours every week.

However, various limitations often make people reluctant to exercise, such as inadequate sports facilities to the price of membership of sports facilities that are too expensive. Understanding these needs, FIT HUB provides premium gym facilities at affordable prices for everyone, including people who are just starting their exercise routine.

With membership fees starting from IDR 249 thousand / month, FIT HUB provides value for money that other gyms don’t provide. All FIT HUB members can access all FIT HUB gym locations in 15 locations in five cities, enjoy various premium gym facilities, complete weight training equipment, a variety of workout classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Pound Fit, Cycling, and various other classes. Moreover, FIT HUB provides a Personal Trainer program for a more optimal range of sports.

To ensure the comfort and safety of all members, especially during the pandemic, FIT HUB prioritizes health protocols with high standards, such as routine disinfectant spraying, physical distancing, and cleaning services that always clean all equipment before and after use.

Sheren Octa, Business Expansion Manager of FIT HUB Indonesia, being physically active is one of the keys to fighting the pandemic that is sweeping the world today.

“With a variety of varied classes, premium gym facilities, and more affordable membership prices, FIT HUB wants to make sports a lifestyle for all levels of society to be physically and mentally healthier,” he explained.

After the success of six gyms in Jakarta, FIT HUB continues to expand to various major cities in Indonesia in response to the high public interest in affordable premium gym facilities.

At the end of last October, FIT HUB inaugurated its first gym branch outside Jakarta, namely Surabaya, which will be followed by the opening of the next gym in Bandung, Makassar and Manado. FIT HUB targets to be present in five cities in Indonesia by the end of 2021.

Expansion Through the Partnership Model

In order to reach more people, FIT HUB also opens up business opportunities through a partnership program with a passive investor concept. That way, all planning and management will be carried out by FIT HUB in coordination with partners, starting from location search, HR, to operational management.

Partners can reach a break-even point in a relatively short time, which is under 14 months with a net profit for partners of IDR 95 million per month.

“We continue to expand the penetration of FIT HUB’s premium gym facilities to various cities in Indonesia. In collaboration with various investors with a partnership business system, we hope to be able to reach all Indonesian people and spur the spirit of sports to improve the quality of life, especially in the midst of a pandemic,” concluded Sheren Octa.